I'm trying to identify the typeface used in this masthead. It looks like H&FJ's knockout, but the tail on the R has a different terminal.


Soleil, designed by Wolfgang Homola, is a geometric sans serif typeface. Unlike most existing geometric sans serif typefaces, it has asymmetrical counters, making it look fresher, more dynamic and more contemporary. Simple geometric forms – such as the circle or the square – played a certain role in the design of the letterforms, but in order to introduce more fluidity into the rather stiff and rigid concept of geometric sans serif typefaces, a lot of optical corrections were necessary.

Even though this is my first post I'm already starting by doing requests! :)

I was looking for the font used by Non-Format in the album cover of How to Live, by Seeland.
Is anyone able to help me?

Thank you!

Centim is contemporary sans with sharp top endings of stems that give a bit technical charm to typeface. With a squarish look, it can be used widely in all modern publications or become a part of an corporate identity. In smaller sizes, Centim offers good readability due to its simple and good balanced lines.

Centim is available in Regular and Bold weights, as an ideal high-contrasted combination where all characteristics of the typeface are purely effective.

Centim is the archaic Serbian word for Centimeter, a word that was mostly used in tailoring during XIX and XX century.

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Looking for this typeface. It's the e that defines it different to any of the other common sans-serifs. Could it possibly be a custom e?

Unfortunately, not many symbols to play with.

Many thanks.

Hello Typophilers.

I was hoping I could get a few recomendations on fonts that feel & look similar to the examples below.


I come across a couple of title pages for some of Mahler’s Symphonies, which were published by Kahnt in Leipzig in the early 20th Century. They have the following quite attractive hand-lettering and I wanted to see if I could fine some more examples, but am not quite sure the best way to search for them.

Salvo Sans & Salvo Serif
Cyrus Highsmith designed Salvo Sans & Salvo Serif (originally called Boomer Sans & Boomer Serif) as one series to tie the design of AARP The Magazine to AARP The Bulletin and AARP Segunda Juventud. Together the Salvos illustrate the guiding sentiments of the design director Courtney Murphy, “Hopeful, informative, alive, embracing and delightful. The right words draw people in, but on a subconscious level the typeface does that first.” FB 2007, 2011

i think Comic Sans is an ordinary-famous font in the whole world. Why do some people (especially typographer and type design) hate that font?

Its just a font. I think the hater just have bit of envy of that font's popularity beside that's 'un-good' work. I think the worth of a font is reflected by people response instead the type designer. Because the consumer of the font is people, not the type design. People ignore design that ignores people.

Looking for this compressed sans used for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion circa 1993.
House Gothic 23 or Compacta are close, but not quite it.

it's far from finished:

the weight between characters is still a little uneven, and some letters i'm not sure about. i was thinking of scrapping the g and starting on a two-story g (along the lines of johnston, akkurat etc.)

i started by wanting to create a grotesque striped down to its simplest form by removing unnecessary terminals.

Hi all — Any help with this is appreciated. I am trying to ID the typeface used for "Freeman Sporting Club's" wordmark. I believe it may be a modified version of "Decima" - ... almost like certain crossbars have been lowered/raised, and it's corners have overall been rounded a bit.

Here is a link to "FSC's" website for a specimen.


Anyone? Thanks

Realist from is a straightforward typeface that speaks in a simple voice without being stern. It’s ideal for corprate design as well as editorial work, for headlines that speak of simplicity or for product design with an exclusive touch. It works for all expressions where the message plays the leading role.

Download the specimens . . .
Try the font . . .
Check out the complete glyph set . . .

Realist from is a straightforward typeface that speaks in a simple voice without being stern. It’s ideal for corprate design as well as editorial work, for headlines that speak of simplicity or for product design with an exclusive touch. It works for all expressions where the message plays the leading role.

Three Widths: Typical for a grotesque is the availability of an additional Wide version, while the humanist sans serifs tend to be more narrow. So it made much sense to draw three widths: Realist, RealistNarrow, as well as a RealistWide.

Eight Weights: The availability of a good amount of weights makes the designer’s work so much easier. This is why Realist comes in eight weights: Thin, Light, SemiLight, Regular, Medium, Bold, ExtraBold and Black.

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condensed sans

Hi all - I'm getting frustrated trying to match this one accurately. I thought it would be easy for me to to ID it, but I think the "J" is throwing me off—perhaps it's custom. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

(my apologies for the small image…)

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almost mono, linear sans

Hello — Can someone help me identify the near mono, linear sans, used throughout EDUN's site as headers, subheaders and nav? Thanks so much ...

for better reference (large flash/sorry)

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Sans to complement Austin (Shwartzco)

Hi Guys,
My eyes are bleeding from looking at typefaces all day.

I am developing a brand that is focused on the purity of a product, and the approach is to use a stripped-back typeface as a core word mark.

To support the stripped back sans I was hoping to use Austin as it's emotive qualities will work well to create dynamic packaging and create a visual language for the brand.

I love the depth of the Foundry Grotesk family. I also have a picture in my mind of the word mark being similar to Trade gothic Bold Cond No.20 (all CAPS).

Any ideas?


You guys have never disappointed me before and I hope you can help me ID this font on Mogwai's album.


Can anyone please identify this font.

Looks a bit like Dax, but it has a special 'g' character and the e and boldness are different.
Thank you!

There are a lot of sans-serif fonts out there, many of which put "Sans" in the typeface name such as Calluna Sans, Deja Vu Sans, Gill Sans, Scala Sans, etc. Being a Canadian, sometimes I'm torn between saying /sænz/ in English or /sɑ̃/ in French. Which one???

Anybody know what font Google is using for their new Chrome Web videos?

Just found Typophile doing some searches... awesome, looking forward to using this forum.


I first thought this was Helvetica Rounded or AG Book Rounded but looking at the a and the g I'm not so sure. Does anyone know what it is?


¿What is this?


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Nice Geometric Sans

hey guys. I saw this this morning and am in love with it. Any ideas what it is?

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