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Sans body face - Suggestions?

Hi All,

I'm working on a text book and wondered if anyone could suggest a decent body copy face? I'm drawing a blank here. Main page headings, standfirsts etc. will be set in Bodoni (caps for Headings and italicised for standfirsts); I've been playing around with Franklin Gothic at 9pt with 11pt leading as a suitable body face. I wondered if anyone could suggest anything slightly different to Franklin - legibility is paramount for this document as there's a lot of text. Ideally I'm looking for a face with a narrow measure without being condensed/compressed so as to maximise words on a line.

Any ideas?

Many thanks, Si

say it fat -- extended language support project


i would like to take the opportunity and ask for some advice/corrections in regard to the following project:

a while ago i had downloaded the free font "say it fat" by timo titzmann -- http://www.id84.de/type/say-it-fat/

while i like the style a lot, the original is very basic (~95 glyphs). i thus decided to overhaul the typeface and have completed the following codepages (the font is lowercase only):

0000 - c0 controls and basic latin
0080 - c1 controls and latin-1 supplement
0100 - latin extended-a

cyrillic is almost completed and greek and vietnamese latin are in the works, too. however, as this is my first font work proper and i am no type designer, there are loads of issues -- but it's a start.

Bas Jan Ader sans-serif

I used to have this typeface, but when I got a new computer, I must not have copied it over, and I can't find any documentation (I guess I never used it). anyway, it's used on the cover of the Bas Jan Ader book and dvd (seen here: http://www.basjanader.com/img/blog_cover.jpg) and throughout the website BasJanAder.com

Anyone have a guess?

Wide Connected Script and Angular Geometric Sans

I have two ID requests from a beer container. On the top, "Refined Pleasure," a wide (perhaps artificially extended?) connecting script with dual-stroke caps. Below, "PRIMA" set in a geometric sans with pointed bowls on the P and R. The top script I'm sure is a font, but the geometric sans could be custom. (The other typefaces on the box and bottle include Copperplate Gothic, Berthold Boulevard, Arquitectura, and Futura Condensed.) Thanks in advance!

Rokkan "R" + need some similar fonts

I'm looking for some sans fonts with thick (bold/black), wide, low x-height capital letters. Some ideas I've tried already are Neutra Display, Agenda Black, Nevis... along those lines. I often see these fonts with wide kerning as subtext in logos.

I know this is only one letter, but very similar to Rokkans R: http://rokkan.com/imgs/rokkan_logo_header.png
(If anyone knows that specific R that would be great too)

I will find some more examples. Sorry if this is the wrong thread to post in.

Sans pairing for monospaced Letter Gothic


Hey guys,
I feel like I'm starting to get a fairly decent handle on font pairings, but I'm really kinda stuck on working with Letter Gothic. I'm trying to find a sans that will contrast the computer stone age look of Letter Gothic (like Futura vs courier), or give a little bit of the terry jones/ID magazine look. Is it also possible to use a serif against the slabby monospaced LG? Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Cheers,

Magazine Headline Sans


Hey guys,

I`m developing a font for an education magazine for my final university project. This is my first time making a font, so I would be very happy if you could give me some feedback. It`s a sans serif for headlines, and still with no name (taking suggestions). The kerning and metrics aren`t done yet. I recommend the PDF for better view.

Thanks a lot!

Technical sans font for long text

This is font made by Dalton Maag for ThyssenKrupp. It looks great in long texts. Can someone recommend similar font? I thought about obvious choices like Fago or Stroudley. But they do not have this „DINish feel”. Stroudley is almost perfect but its regular weight is a way too thick for my taste. Do you have any suggestions?

(x) Can anybody help me identify this Humanist Sans Serif? - modified Gill Sans {Stian S}

Hey all. Quick request that I hope you can help with- Can anybody help me identify this Humanist Sans Serif? It's not Gill- check out the lowecase 'a' and the terminals. It's used by 'Disclosure Scotland'. Thanks!