I would like to know what modern typeface is used in the attached logo. I also want to know which sans serif typeface is paired with it. Please let me know if you can help ID it! Thanks!

Any idea what this font is called?

Need help identifying this type please. Thanks in advance. :)

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Logo ID

Not sure what this could be. Could be a modified Pump - Medium

or maybe something else I'm not sure of...

Any help is appreciated!

Hi All,

I'm working on a text book and wondered if anyone could suggest a decent body copy face? I'm drawing a blank here. Main page headings, standfirsts etc. will be set in Bodoni (caps for Headings and italicised for standfirsts); I've been playing around with Franklin Gothic at 9pt with 11pt leading as a suitable body face. I wondered if anyone could suggest anything slightly different to Franklin - legibility is paramount for this document as there's a lot of text. Ideally I'm looking for a face with a narrow measure without being condensed/compressed so as to maximise words on a line.

Any ideas?

Many thanks, Si

i would like to take the opportunity and ask for some advice/corrections in regard to the following project:

a while ago i had downloaded the free font "say it fat" by timo titzmann --

while i like the style a lot, the original is very basic (~95 glyphs). i thus decided to overhaul the typeface and have completed the following codepages (the font is lowercase only):

0000 - c0 controls and basic latin
0080 - c1 controls and latin-1 supplement
0100 - latin extended-a

cyrillic is almost completed and greek and vietnamese latin are in the works, too. however, as this is my first font work proper and i am no type designer, there are loads of issues -- but it's a start.

Hi there, anybody recognise this font? Thanks for your help


In a kid's book cover book. Sorry for the blurry pic - any ideas?

I spotted this typeface in a new FCUK campaign on the website.

It's quite odd here because the caps used in the Mens section is Gotham, but they're using a similar geometric sans for the the lowercase in the Womens section.

Any ideas what it is?

I used to have this typeface, but when I got a new computer, I must not have copied it over, and I can't find any documentation (I guess I never used it). anyway, it's used on the cover of the Bas Jan Ader book and dvd (seen here: and throughout the website

Anyone have a guess?

Some help getting an ID on the sans serif on this Sports Illustrated cover.


Hello, I am happy to finally announce the release of my new typeface!

Rukou -- a geometric-script typeface influenced by schoolhand
More info and buy

Hi all,

Sorry about the fuzziness of this. Can anyone ID the font in this logo?


I have two ID requests from a beer container. On the top, "Refined Pleasure," a wide (perhaps artificially extended?) connecting script with dual-stroke caps. Below, "PRIMA" set in a geometric sans with pointed bowls on the P and R. The top script I'm sure is a font, but the geometric sans could be custom. (The other typefaces on the box and bottle include Copperplate Gothic, Berthold Boulevard, Arquitectura, and Futura Condensed.) Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

I'd like to identify the metal type used in this print. It's an incomplete set that I'm trying to round out. I'm new to sourcing metal type, so suggestions on that are also appreciated. Thanks very much.

What do you think about DIN + Quadraat? or DIN + Warnock?
Do they work together?

I'm looking for some sans fonts with thick (bold/black), wide, low x-height capital letters. Some ideas I've tried already are Neutra Display, Agenda Black, Nevis... along those lines. I often see these fonts with wide kerning as subtext in logos.

I know this is only one letter, but very similar to Rokkans R:
(If anyone knows that specific R that would be great too)

I will find some more examples. Sorry if this is the wrong thread to post in.

Hey guys,
I feel like I'm starting to get a fairly decent handle on font pairings, but I'm really kinda stuck on working with Letter Gothic. I'm trying to find a sans that will contrast the computer stone age look of Letter Gothic (like Futura vs courier), or give a little bit of the terry jones/ID magazine look. Is it also possible to use a serif against the slabby monospaced LG? Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Cheers,

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Magazine Headline Sans

Hey guys,

I`m developing a font for an education magazine for my final university project. This is my first time making a font, so I would be very happy if you could give me some feedback. It`s a sans serif for headlines, and still with no name (taking suggestions). The kerning and metrics aren`t done yet. I recommend the PDF for better view.

Thanks a lot!

Can anyone identify the two fonts used in this image? Thanks.

This is font made by Dalton Maag for ThyssenKrupp. It looks great in long texts. Can someone recommend similar font? I thought about obvious choices like Fago or Stroudley. But they do not have this „DINish feel”. Stroudley is almost perfect but its regular weight is a way too thick for my taste. Do you have any suggestions?

Could someone help ID this? It is a picture of a name stamp out of an old textbook. Sorry for the poor quality. Notice the center vertex of the 'M' above baseline, straight comma, and circular period. Thanks for the help!

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