Can anyone figure this one out? Thanks. I'm looking for the dubNation part.

I like this friendly rounded sans on the new Minute Maid OJ packaging, but can't figure out what it is. Similar to VAG rounded.

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WOQOD - No idea about this font

Hey everyone...
Can Anyone help ID the attached?
Than a million

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Mystery Sans Serif

Does anyone know what this could be?

Hey, i was just wondering if anyone would know what the typeface is used on the Urban Outfitters website. It would be a great help....


Please help me identify this font. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Hey guys,

anyone got a clue what typeface they used on their latest front cover?

I'm used to eye magazine's practice to publish the fonts they used in each issue, however I couldn't find such an entry in I.D. after flicking several times through it... Maybe you can help?

Cheers :-)

Asking for my friend, I will start with Futura in first Volvo picture. Rest? :D.
She is particulary interested in those numbers.


I know Foundry has originals, new alphabet, but what is the name of this "regular" version.

I know, I know…

There's utterly millions of such faces on the 'net and I've exhausted Dafont and Urbanfonts for this one - same client as the recently solved post on this forum.

In the offchance anyone's used this and has an instant recognisation I'd be immensely grateful. I shall now make a mental note not to abuse this resource, which I'm currently doing. :(


Benton Gothic is the sans serif Font Bureau designed for Worth and Martha Stewart Living. It's sort of a compilation of all of Benton's gothics. Check out the Font Bureau web site ( , but you knew that!) or their new hardcover type specimen book (fabulous!) for more info.

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