I am creating a grammar test online and I want to have the questions in .gif format and the answers in .gif format to help prevent copying (please don't focus on this. I am aware of the difficulties) I have a monitor with screen res. of 1920 x 1080. I selected Arial Black, 16 pt as the text to use because it is clean, clear and bold. I use Fireworks and create a 700px x 72px, 300 DPI canvas and placed the text on this canvas and saved it as a .gif image. I have to create close to 4,000 of these images. All are the exact same dimensions and the same format etc. I have two questions:
1) Can this be automated somehow?

I've recently been doing a lot more research and personal studies in type. I'm thinking of doing an elaborate study on the perception of text, where I set a page in a certain typeface and analyze why the text is being perceived in a certain way. For example, in Maiola has a rather rich texture so if I were to analyze this typeface, it would be predominantly a study in which specific elements cause the texture to increase.

Hi, Typophiles! I've recently released a new typeface, GIBBS, which is currently on an introductory offer for 50% off.

GIBBS (Slide 1)

Hi guys,

I am looking for a serif typeface along the lines of Marlene (http://www.typonine.com/fonts/font-library/marlene/), that has a large family which includes stencil cuts. I am working on an online magazine layout and would like to implement the stencil version as a hover effect for links.

The foundry selling it should therefore be able to host the type (have a web version).

Thank you!

Wedge is the singular vision of one man. Spanning decades, the design of this font took the history of the Roman letter into full consideration. Despite ultimate rejection for production into metal type, the design was realized as intended and is now released in digital form.

Noted New Zealand architect Bruce Rotherham (1926–2004) was inspired by Herbert Bayer’s "universal alphabet" created at the Bauhaus in 1927.  While he admired Bayer’s pure geometry, Rotherham felt it was "virtually unreadable." The Bauhaus-inspired inclination for architectural publications to use sans serif faces provoked Rotherham to consider how a readable Roman book face might be approached using some of Bayer’s same principles of simplification, but also retracing the evolution and use of the Roman form in an analytic manner.

hello everybody, i need help, what is the font of this image, please says me, thank you


I'm a newbie in a need of some typo advice from experts as I have become overwhelmed by browsing the web ...

I'm a student and currently redesigning a medical magazine run by a non-profit student organization.

I'm looking for a sans serif for headings (it will also appear on posters) and a serif for long texts (2 columns).
Keywords: economical, legible, modern

Hello Typophiles!
We are proud to announce our new release!

"Quiroga Serif Pro (70% OFF!)" by Fernando Díaz:

70% OFF!

70% OFF!

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Foundation Sans


I've been working on my first typeface for the past 2 and a half weeks.

The idea was to create a type inspired by the Bauhaus letterforms but adapted to modern times.

With styles good for Display ("regular" and "bold") and others good for Text ("book" and "book bold").

I haven't set the kerning yet and there's still plenty of work to do, but I wanted your opinion about what I've got so far.


Hello all,

Can anyone tell me which monospaced fonts work best for printed body text?


After reading a few old posts about appropriate sans serifs to accompany classic serifs, I decided to make an attempt at designing a sans serif to accompany the Benedictine Pro face. Tentatively named Benedict Sans, here's what has been done so far for the regular weight (to be followed by book and bold):

Thanks in advance for your attention. And have a nice summer ...

Hello everyone. I am designing a high school newspaper for my campus, called "The Pioneer". What it pioneered, I do not know.

I've always enjoyed both Bodoni and Scotch style faces. I wanted to introduce some ‘fashion sense’ into the ‘work horse’, and get something unique. I think there's some potential to make it into a text face, eventually expand it, but I wanted to get some feedback here first. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, folks. It just sounded like a worthwhile idea to entertain.

I've been looking at Monticello quite a bit, and referencing a generic Bodoni for logic and proportion. For what it's worth.

What do y'all think of that |Q|? and
I realize the teardrop is missing from the |g|. Bear with me.
Thanks to raph for the Monticello Specimens.

Preto Serif pdf specimen and more samples...
Buy Preto Serif at MyFonts

Hello! I know this an incredibly stupid font to ask you to name, but it would be nice to know. I've only seen it on Windows computers, and have seen it many times before. Does anyone know this font's name, if so... is it also downloadable?

In this specific case, this was just a screenshot I took from a youtube video. Do not mind what is says, it won't make any sense. Heh Heh.

For Immediate Release:
Alameda, CA- February 12th, 2013

Delve Fonts presents Rieven™ Roman, by Steven Skaggs.
Available now at: http://www.delvefonts.com/rieven_roman.html

In order to address those instances where the more contemporary letterforms are preferred, designer Steven Skaggs has expanded the Rieven family by creating a Roman version that can be used hand-in-hand with its predecessor, Rieven Uncial.

About Concord
Yet another typeface with simplicity as it's core element. Concord is derived from a successful type family 'Accord Alternate' by giving geometric touch to it. Hence Concord is a geometric sans serif. It has large counters which enhance readability. It is available in seven different weights for emphasis.

Available at following websites:

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Marat Sans

After more than a year of hard work my new sans serif typeface Marat Sans is completed. It is a clean and lively sans serif typeface. The entire family contains of 27 styles & weights and includes many OpenType features: various numerals, alternate glyphs, fractions, superiors and inferiors, language features, arrows, case sensitive forms and many more. Marat Sans is the perfect companion for Marat, a soft and elegant serif typeface.

I'm offering a temporary discount on the font family to celebrate this release! Purchase the entire Marat Sans family on MyFonts for incredible $149 (instead of $799).

Hi all,

can anybody help me identifying the Serif here?

It's from the "Guimarães 2012, European Capital of Culture, Official Programme Book" by Atelier Martino&Jana.
More pictures here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/European-Capital-of-Culture-Programme-Boo...

Thanks so much,

The Mevum font, which is showcased on 26+ since 2011 becomes a whole font-family now. An extraordinary true italic with an 18° angle and appropriate bold styles complete the family.


The Indian Type Foundry is pleased to announce Tulika, a new text typeface family inspired by traditional Bengali calligraphy. It features distinctive, sinuous shapes and a high contrast between thick and thin strokes. Bengali is one of the most complex Indic scripts, requiring the design of over 700 glyphs for each of Tulika’s 5 styles. Jyotish Sonowal, in-house designer at ITF and native speaker of Assamese, did extensive research while defining the character set and included support for the Assamese, Bengali, Bishnupriya Manipuri, Garo, Kokborok, Meitei, and Mundari languages.

Main text font from CLASH music magazine. i can't identify it, and i need to make an assignment about the font! guesses? please?! :)

Helfa is a typeface that has been thoughtfully planned, lovingly drawn, and carefully crafted by Delve Withrington. Although a new, original type design Helfa will at once seem like an old friend. With a range of five useful weights and five corresponding true italics all in OpenType format, Helfa is a typeface that has what is needed to do the job right.

Helfa Regular and Italic are available for free. A complimentary copy can be downloaded from: http://www.delvefonts.com/helfa.html

We’re pleased to announce the long-awaited release of Elena from type designer and Process Type Foundry partner Nicole Dotin. Designed specifically for text and extended reading, Elena is a contemporary text face well suited for magazines, books and editorial design. Pairing the inspiration of the broad-nibbed pen with a desire for a modern page color, Elena is a face of economical proportions, moderate x-height and spare details.

Improved Text Handling and Visual Effects Library among New Features for Speeding GUI Development

Monotype Imaging, a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has launched version 2.6 of its SpectraWorks™ graphical user interface solution, a suite of tools for creating embedded GUIs quickly and inexpensively for consumer electronics devices such as printer control panels, handheld devices and household appliances.

“Developers can quickly integrate popular UI effects without having to build them from scratch, saving valuable time and resources. Text support, already a strong component of our technology, is now even stronger and more flexible with the addition of rich-text format widgets.”

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