Does anybody use dingbats anymore?

I've collected bunches of dingbat fonts over the years as part of various packages and apart from playing with them to see what contents they have, I've never really used any of them. Simply put, they're a lot harder to place and work with than vector clipart. Does anybody use them in day-to-day design work or are they mainly just fun little relics of the metal era?



Chefscript Typeface - Buy licenses at MyFont
Chef Script is an experimental font designed by Carlos Fabian Camargo G. Its fantasy design contains 1463 glyphs to compose words, phrases and short messages on small and large sizes. The idea was born in a sketchbook that was perfected again by hand and achieving "non-neutral drawings" on tracing paper. With bezier digitization the empty and full parts of letters appeared with soft and eloquent curves as calligraphic result produces optimal readability.

Elephant Ding

I found free font on some web site with this clipart as dingbat, but then my computer broke and my hard disk erased all my data. So i tried to find that font again, nut only thing I found is font called KR Rachel's Elephants. It contains this elephant, but it has too low resolution... And the font i used to have, had the same picture of elephant but with much more details and better resolution. The clipart picture is in attachment. I hope anyone could help me find this font or have more detailed picture.... Thx :D

"Pi" fonts

Where does the term “pi fonts” come from? And who was the first to use or popularize it?

I always assumed it was an odd abbreviation of “pictogram”, but it was never clear because the term is sometimes used to describe any non-alphanumeric/symbol font. If pi does indeed stand for pictogram, that would limit its relevance to a specific subset of symbol fonts – for example, mathematical symbols aren't pictograms.

That doesn't really match up with the kinds of fonts I typically think of when I hear the term “pi” either, which tend to be be more technical and abstract than they are pictorial. Maybe there's a connection to the mathematical concept of pi?

Where in Windows 7 do Zapf Dingbats secretly lurrrrrrk?


Ignore this post if you’re reading it on a Mac.

Either I was installing it wrong previously, or Microsoft fixed it in 1.4, and I was using 1.3, but finally I got Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to install and run in Windows 7, and I used it to build a custom German/English “typographer’s keyboard” layout. (My physical keyboard has a standard German layout.) This enabled me to add a bunch of extra punctuation and some archaic stuff such as ſ.

I also managed to add two dingbats from the Unicode Zapf Dingbats subset range, U+2766 and U+2767.

❦ ❧

If you can see those, you are seeing them in pure Unicode. Windows is switching fonts somewhere to display them.

Dingbat set of well-designed critters, seen ca. 1999/2000

Once upon a time, I came across a brilliant dingbat "alphabet"--all images of what I'd describe as creatures, critters, or monsters.

Examples of vaguely similar monsters:

  • Nibbler on Futurama
  • The vermicious knids from Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.
  • The "Infiltration" monsters shown on this deviantART page.

Most notably I remember a cute one-eyed squid that I incorporated into my sigblock. But that was 10 years and 3 companies ago and any details beyond that are lost.

ABC Zoo : mixing letters to create images


ABC Zoo is a collection of two typefaces where the alphabet letters are combined to create a design of animal using the own letter of the name of each animal. You can see the entire set of this fonts at