I've seen this font a lot and it has a distinctive look, but I've been unable to find any information on it. It seems like the kind of font you'd see in a logo for businesses related to construction/hardware/trucking; I've seen it used in such a manner, but I can't recall any specifics. It has a very distinctive A; so distinctive that I'd bet an expert would be able to identify the typeface from the A alone.

Looking for the typeface found in this logo. Thanks in advance.

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Firefox Font?

Haven't been able to locate the origin of this typeface. Is it custom?


The font for the "crazy ones," "status quo" and "who do" lines -- anyone know it?


wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

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Sans Serif Display

Appreciate your help

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Hello all--
I've got an in-progress here that needs your eyes. It's based on a hastily designed logo for a paper sculpture artist that I thought had some potential as a full set of letters. It's a bit of a mash-up of different elements but here's the main points I want: display face, high contrast, flared serifs and abrupt wedge serifs, large x-height, and some other thin, swashy elements and unconventional forms are ok with me since I envision it being used at large sizes. I'd also like to make light and ultra weights too.


I am currently working on a project which involves setting 20 short texts in English and in Arabic.
The texts are printed on big panels (107x72cm) and the Arabic text will sit under the English text.
I am using Baskerville Pro (by Storm) and was wondering which Arabic font would match the typeface?

Your help would be much appreciated.


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le monde newspaper font?

Hi guys! anyone recognise what font this is? or something close?

many thanks


Sort of Albertus meets a Michael Harvey face (Ellington, Strayhorn). These letters are in bad repair. Is this a font or custom lettering? Smaller image below. See large image at http://loose-oddities.posterous.com/my-favorite-lettering-in-vancouver

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Rebellia - new release

Hi everybody,

After a couple of years out of the type scene, I'm glad to present Rebellia. It has been a joy to make some furious destroyed forms, so I hope you like it and the fonts can be useful for specific graphic contexts :-)

It is already available at MyFonts.

The description:
Rebellia is a sans serif display type family designed in a aggressive grunge style. The family is composed by Rebellia Regular and Rebellia Dingbats that contains some drawings that follow the same destroyed visual language. Rebellia is suitable for titles, posters, fashion, t-shirts, covers, action movies, advertising and deconstructive things in general.

I'm looking for the typeface on Pro Taper specifically the one used in the slideshow images on the home page. I've found similar but nothing that included any italics.

All Paragraph® fonts at half-price during August 2012—sale starts tomorrow at MyFonts!

Can anyone tell me what typeface this is?

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New font: Candelivers

I'd like to introduce a new font. It's Candelivers.

Click here!

Candelivers is a fun and display typeface, for better use in short sentences, or letterings and logo designs. It comes with a several features, like swashes, alternates and ligatures. It has a little not simmetry between the characters that gives a personality and handmade touch.
Also it comes with a Glow version, to give more soft and fun personality. I hope you enjoy it!

Hey all_

Does anyone know what the font in the attached Gap ad (BE BRIGHT?) Love the lines. Thanks!

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fonts for lion coffee

hello again guys, i need to know what font used in this graphic? i don't know was it fonted or not. or maybe at least you guys can help me find a nearest match to the design

Herbie is a uppercase display font with alternates on every character (lowercase), based only on circles and geometric lines. Herbie is inspired by, as the name might indicate, Herb Lubalin's work and the decorative style and kerning of his era.


I would appreciate any feedback on this font I am working on.


Thanks typophile!

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The Last Drop

Trying to identify the serif for LAST DROP

wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!


I have a case of 72 pt lead display gothic type and a blank wall in my house, so I tought of printing the beginning of El Quijote in Spanglish over a big sheet of paper. I think it will be somehow humorous and appropriate to print this text in a gothic face.

Here´s the text: "In un placete de La Mancha of which nombre no quiero remembrearme, vivía, not so long ago, uno de esos gentlemen who always tienen una lanza in the rack, una buckler antigua, a skinny caballo y un grayhound para el chase."

Has anyone done something similar before? How? Which ink? Which paper? What about Fabriano?

Thanks in advance.

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