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Help identifying this retro display font

I have been reading this book called "Manual of graphic techniques 3" (old, but quite an interesting read) and one of the samples used there caught my eye.

I thought it's just a hand-drawn sample of type treatment, not a typeface itself, as I couldn't find any information about it in the credits. I like it so much, I was thinking of making the rest of the alphabet.

I guess I'm too naive and inexperienced, just recently stumbled into some artwork with the same looking type in it.

I assume there is a typeface, so I would like you to help me identifying it. I've attached a photograph of it (the "Mercury" one):

Three new releases


Greater Albion has just released three new families on Myfonts.com.

Jonquin was inspired by some hand lettering seen on a World -War One recruiting poster. It’s a family of three faces for display work and headings designed to be used readily as an 'All-Capitals' face as well as in upper and lower case format. Regular and bold weights are offered, as well as an even more decorative incised form. The whole family is ideally suited for poster and advertising work, as well as book and record covers and period themed signage.

Sinder Font


From the designer:
Sinder began life as a custom block font that was begging to be distressed. Of course it was only an experiment, not to be taken seriously, until a customer needed a face of just about these proportions to give his "paranormal investigation" hobby an appropriately scary image. It was out of necessity, then, that I finished the entire font. It never pays to be caught off-guard at a critical point in a layout.

<em>Available from MyFonts...</em>

<em>or for the try me free for personal use version...</em>


The Latest Geometric Excess from Paragraph: Circula


Announcing a new, very round typeface: Circula™. It is a simplified geometric display typeface based on circles. It contains capitals and small capitals only (no lower case), basic symbols, superior and inferior numbers and common fractions. It supports Eastern European, Baltic and Turkish character sets. The medium cut is free. Get it at Myfonts.

Dezen - new release by DizajnDesign


I am happy to announce Dezen, my new release!

Dezen is a contemporary, mechanical grotesque typeface. Its letters were first constructed from individual modules and then optically refined to enhance its rhythm. Its tight letter spacing and narrow proportions make the typeface particularly well suited for display sizes and headlines. When you add spacing, font can be used for shorter amount of text, bigger than 12 points.

The Dezen type family consists of a wide variety of styles – solid and stencil. The Dezen Pro subfamily combines all 4 styles (Solid, Stencil 01, Stencil 02, Stencil 03) in a specific sequence, which originates a “pattern” for the alphabet (or dezen, in Slovak).

Dezen Pro Regular is for free!

Buying information:

New Release: Rue Display.


TypeTogether is proud to introduce Rue Display, an organic, casually ornamental, narrow-faced sans serif designed by Winnie Tan.

Rue's spirited and exploratory design is the materialization of a feeling about fonts as a family of organisms taking on a life of its own, in work and play. It was conceived as a typeface, used as an image and discovered as an ornament.

It comes in 10 weights of light, regular, medium, semibold and bold, each with italics.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: 20% OFF - Use discount code 392fcfab


Vasy Molo


Here is my first attempt at making a font :


I would be happy to get any comments from all of you, because I didn't had much feedback from typographers.

Anyway, when I made it, I didn't tought it would be accepted on MyFonts, so when I saw people was buying it, I started to think about a full charachter set and redesigning all glyphs to make them work better each others. I'm also working on the kerning, hinting and all things that needs to be done to make it more 'professionnal'.

Thanks by advance,


Edit :

Sorry for bumping guys, but I think my post should be in this place rather than in Release, as it's still a work in progress, and I'd be very glad to get any comment.

Displaying bugs in various programs


Hello there, and thank you for giving your time, here is my case :

I'm working on a 'liney' font (I mean that all the characters are connected each others by lines, horizontally & vertically) and managed to make it work in Fontlab.

No problems here, and I'm quite proud of my work!

When I generate the font, everythings seems to be okay, and it's working nicely in TextEdit. Kerning, line-spacing, hinting are what I expect.

Problems are coming when I use this font in other softwares :

- Adobe programs (I've tried on Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign). Kerning is working but the line-spacing is higher than what I want, so vertical lines are "disconnected".

When I saw this, I tried with a non Adobe soft, so I've launched iWeb and had a new surprise :

Greater Albion's Howlett Released 35 percent Discount‏


Howlett, which is now released on Myfonts.com, combines great character with extreme legibility.

It’s a simple display face that offers a sense of coziness and order, that speaks of all being well with the world. It is a modern design which pays due Acknowledgment to the past.

An extensive range of Opentype features, including old-style numerals, terminal forms, ligatures and stylistic alternatives are included.

Use it for headings and titles as well as eye catching poster work.

You can try out Howlett on Myfonts.com or see some examples of it in action in our blog.

(x) 'Muse: A Seaside Rendezvous': 2 Serif Display Types (1 spikey outlined) on Gig Poster - Covington, Bicycle {Mike Y, Tamas}

Hello Typophile community!

Although I've been a visitor to Typophile for a while now, this is my first actual post here. I was hoping someone could help identify the typefaces used in this gig poster:

I'm pretty certain that the word 'MUSE' is in Futura, or a similar geometric sans. However, I can't figure out the rest of the type on the poster. It looks to me like the words 'A SEASIDE RENDEZVOUS' are in some kind of Western/Circus style font? I've tried using 'What The Font' and 'Identifont', but neither of them brought up successful results.

I've singled out what I considered to be some of the more distinctive letters in the hope that this will make them a bit easier to identify: