Would you sell this on Etsy?


This is a birthday greeting card I have recently designed for my sisters birthday. After it's success in my family I have decided to screen print copies in black and red as below, possibly variations using other colours too, which I will then put up for sale on at a price of £4.00 or there about.

Before I do this though I wanted to get your opinions, would you buy this greeting card for a friend or family? (The small type in the corner of this card would not be included as it was specific to my sister's birthday only).

Let me know what you think :)

(Note: the small tear on this card would not happen when silk screened, it was due to hand crafting the red using masking tape and acrylic)

Birthday Invite

Hello fellow typophiles. Does anyone care to critique this invite I've made for my mother's birthday. It's 210 x 130mm, both sides shown, and I'd like it printed on something like 350gsm uncoated cartridge stock. I looked in foil-blocking, but that's proving too expensive and time-consuming, bearing in mind I need to get these printed ASAP. If anyone knows a way to make it a little special without costing the earth (e.g. metallic pink - that's here favourite colour). Colour used at the moment is Pantone 214, with a tint of its complement which is a process green. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.