Inspired by François Guyot's work

I posted this on TypeDrawers since Frank Blokland is active there but I'm curious about your reactions as well.

I was doing research in historic type designers and I created a folder system on my computer where I have every type designer categorized with information on when the person lived and from what country they are, and the folders in turn are filled with pictures of their work. This is not only to satisfy my obsessive need to collect and categorize but also to get more insight into the history of typefaces; who might have inspired who?

Proper JvK & De Roos Revival


I admire deeply the work of Hendrik de Roos and Jan van Krimpen, but have been dismayed in my search to find revivals of both men's work. The two dominant Dutch foundries committed to JvK, TEFF and DTL, haven't touched Spectrum, though Monotype did a half-baked and impractical digitization. Also, though De Does' Trinité supposedly takes cues from JvK's Romanée, and TEFF is slowly working on a revival, I would like to know if those plans are still in motion. And what, then, about Cancelleresca Basterda, a face that might finally give JvK's ill-fated Romulus super-family more legitimacy, and which is quite beautiful in its own right?