Font Piracy solutions.

Why are type foundries more intent on catching people who use pirated fonts rather than catching those make them available in the first place. There is a website dedicated to providing free Helvetica and Gotham fonts, why dont they do something about that rather than catching some lone, broke designer. Yeah it is illegal but doing something about it is ineffective and inefficient. Why not just try stopping the websites that distribute these fonts for free. Maybe you will scare some people who use these fonts but that is it about it. You just wasted a whole lot of time pursuing one offender and what are you gonna get out of it ? Pretty much nothing. So why not try to cut off the root of this problem.

Help! Which PMN Caecilia package should I license?


I want to license the PMN Caecilia family in OT (all the versions, but I don't need Euro/foreign characters), and I'm overwhelmed trying to figure out which website to buy from and which package to license.

Linotpe offers PMN Caecilia Complete Family Pack in "Open Type Com" for $310 and in "Open Type Std" for $195. They're both 8 fonts. Reading the Linotype Support area on OT did not enlighten me as to the difference.

FontShop and many other websites also sell Caecilia packages. I've spent way too much time trying to figure this out and would much appreciate any advice!