Hi, i need to found some examples of fonts designed specially for banks or fonts that work well for this context (maybe some special glyphs, etc). You know some examples? Thanks a lot.

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I need to draw upon your expertise again. I'm having difficulty identifying the two typefaces (the main one and the numbers on the sides) for this pre- WW1 Germany bank note. Thanks in advance.


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Typeface for UK bank?

Can anyone share what this font is?

The blue headline please.

Hi guys,

I am aware that the 'a little extra help' is clearly Helvetica,

am just trying to find out the typeface for the main HALIFAX type.

Here is a link to the logo

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I am working on the logo redesign of E&P Federal Credit Union and would like some input on what I have so far. For a little background, E&P has been the federal credit union for employees of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (hence E&P) but they are looking for a brand new look as their clientele demographic and business model shifts. Their main group of members now come from both a few local colleges and employees of the environmental protection agency. They are also planning to shut down many branches and become more of a virtual financial institution, where almost all banking services would occur through a new website.

What they want to say with their new look:
• Professional and trusted
• Helping the environment (by going all virtual)
• Friendly/personal
• Secure

I'm an in-house designer working for a bank. We've been using the font Myriad Pro for the last few years in adverting and display. While I like that it's an accessible and friendly font. I am looking for ideas to replace it with another san-serif font. Perhaps one that has more energy or variety. It still needs to look professional for a bank though. Any thoughts?

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Thai blackletter

I just found the Bank of Thailand's logo, which is in a Thai version of blackletter:

Is blackletter well known in Thailand? How readable is this?

I'd love to see other examples of blackletter in non-Latin (especially non-LCG) scripts.

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