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Revivals and copyrights



I have seen a lot of revivals of old typefaces taken from printed sources to the digital realm. This kind of work really interests me and I have a question in this regard: is an ethical thing to do? I mean, copying a design from a printed source and making a digital font? What do copyright says in this regard?

Thanks for clarifications

Ethical boundaries of typeface revivals


I know this topic is far from new here, but I'm trying to figure out what consensus there is on this issue, if any, amongst type designers and professional type consumers. As someone who is just trying to get started in the trade, I'm anxious to get a feel for the acceptable boundaries.

NeoBulletin greek alphabet - help appreciated

Hi, people

I am developing a new revival from Bulletin typewriter font, called NeoBulletin. The font is ready, I think, but the greek alphabet is a mistery to me, yet. I appreciate suggestions to fix the errors in the greek set. Follow the sample.

antecipate thanks for the support of the greek designers comunity

Gans Blasones by Fundicion Gans


GansBlasones is a new dingbat font by Intellecta. The images was selected from the vignettes catalog from Fundicion Gans published in 1920 and represents heraldry devices, Spanish city seals, world nations seals, coats of arms, helms, crowns, crests etc. Gans typefaces from Intellecta was researched in several type-specimens of the extinct spanish foundry of Fundicion Gans and reprents the efforts of Intellecta to maintain the memory of this remarkably type foundry. Actually,this font is in the Hot New Fonts at MyFonts



Intellecta Design "Reliant" Project : the Greek Alphabet comes... and now?


We - at Intellecta Design - are developing "Reliant", a new typeface based on the classical forms of "BernhardSchoenschrift", originaly designed by Lucien Bernhard and "Liberty", designed by W.T. Sniffin for ATF in 1927, following the original designs from Lucien Bernhard. Well, our font have a extensive set of characters with many ligatures, stylistic alternate forms to the letters, open type solutions, etc etc. Created to work in the more important encondings (Central-European, Baltic, Turkish, Greek). However, because the natural difference between our countries (we lives in Brazil) - we have some difficult to find errors and omissions in the design of Greek characters.