Dear all,

this is my first attempt at type creation as an amateur type designer.
I would love to hear from you,

Do not hesitate to criticise!

I want to share this typography with you, original arabic calligraphy inspires me from long time in different medias.
This is my last work on that theme.

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Yacht name font

Hey Typophile,

First post, thanks in advance. Looking for the font that this "Rose Tena" yacht name is made of. The image above came from a photograph, I cut it out of the photo and straightened it so it was vertical. The yacht is in the Midwest region of the USA. The lettering was applied with vinyl decals, and I would venture to say that it was done within the last 10 years. The unique part about this font is the "T". If we can identify that, I believe the rest of the font will follow. It feels like it has a spanish, or latin flair to me. Your help is greatly appreciated, as I have been tasked to use this particular font on another project.

Thank you,


GansBlasones is a new dingbat font by Intellecta. The images was selected from the vignettes catalog from Fundicion Gans published in 1920 and represents heraldry devices, Spanish city seals, world nations seals, coats of arms, helms, crowns, crests etc. Gans typefaces from Intellecta was researched in several type-specimens of the extinct spanish foundry of Fundicion Gans and reprents the efforts of Intellecta to maintain the memory of this remarkably type foundry. Actually,this font is in the Hot New Fonts at MyFonts

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