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Low-contrast Garamond-esque from historic bronze lettering c.1919

Looking for an aproximate analog or ID on this historic bronze lettering found in the Massachusetts Statehouse. Pictures are from the Spanish American War Memorial in the Massachusetts Statehouse, 'signed' by Calvin Coolidge in 1919.

Restoring an old logotype from a letterhead

Hello folks,

Looking for the font used in this logotype. Image comes from a low resolution letterhead which had the lettering in a 100 px high raster image.
Myfonts identify it as River Liffey Italic due to the low-res smudgyness and FontSquirrel's best bets are Mangan Nova Bold Italic and Hardtimes Italic. However neither of those come close in my opinion. The distinct curve of the lowercase "a" and the thinning downstroke of the "k" are quite unique features that may help identifying the font.
Any help is much appreciated.

Edit: Adding another image with better separated letters.