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web fonts

WEB fonts display


We have a font that we created in FontLab Studio 5 and is generated as OTF for use in MS Word and InDesign. The product's web site is getting ready to launch but they're having trouble with the display of the font on the web.

In the most recent iteration of the site, using the most recent fonts (glyphs were recently added to the font) the font displays different ways at different sizes as shown in the below screen caps. The screen caps are small, medium and large, the medium being the one that will be used as the main size on the site.

In the medium, as you can see, there are different characters that are different sizes within words. In the word "wisdom" the m clearly seems smaller as do the n, the belly of the h and the r in some of the other words.

Recommend web fonts with great hinting

Could you recommend web fonts that you like and that have excellent hinting for the screen?

I am interested in work-horse typefaces for body text that I can purchase the rights to use with @font-face, so that would exclude all the offerings from those wonderful subscription based services. I have found the results from type at MyFonts can be spotty, and they never say if a font has been hinted by the designer.

Feel free to suggest your own work. I am interested in expanding my knowledge of good work that is out there. Thanks very much.

Help choosing fonts for a simple site

Hi all,

I'm working on this minimalist bitcoin site and would like some font recommendations. I think I am happy with Oxygen Mono, which is a Google web font and is used in the tagline under the logo, the first header, the news headlines, and the copyright line.

But everything else probably needs to be changed, especially the logo font and the "Why bitcoin" paragraph in the middle of the page. I'm also considering a different font inside the quotes widget itself.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Web font license without page tracking

I'm trying to find a web font license without pageviews tracking. So far with my search, Fontspring.com seems to be the only license available that does not require any tracking scripts to be installed with their web fonts. Does anyone know of any other foundries that do not have the required page tracking scripts in their licenses?

"Unified" font use based on Stag



We are currently using a mix of Stag, Stag Sans for our materials (large type brochures, letters and Keynote presentations), as well as 'whatever is at hand' for emails and web (e.g. MS Trebuchet)

The recent availability of Stag as a 'direct' web font has opened the opportunity to unify our communications as well as look & feel. We would like, in particular to unify letters, web and email using the same font set.

I have tested Stag (headlines) + Stag Sans (body) for web and it looks quite good. However Stag Sans is still not ideal for everyday body text: punctuation a bit too tight and doesn't do numbers particularly well (e.g. for invoicing).

OFL-FAQ update draft and web fonts paper


Many of you are interested in issues surrounding open font licensing, so you may be interested in how the SIL Open Font License can be used in a web fonts world. There are some difficult issues, but after months of discussion with various industry representatives, we've come to some conclusions.

Nicolas Spalinger and I, the maintainers of the SIL Open Font License, have posted a draft of an update to the OFL-FAQ (1.1-update3-draft). Although there are many small clarifications and refinements from version 1.1-update2, the main addition is a greatly expanded section related to web fonts. There is also a related discussion paper on Web Fonts and Reserved Font Names that deals with those issues in even more detail. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Custom Language support for web fonts


I am currently developing a web based game that aims to attract players from a large variety of countries. I had planned to use Lubalin Graph Bold Condensed as a headline font in my game. As I understand it, this only supports Latin characters. Can anyone explain what my options are in this case? Is it possible/ feasible to make custom characters for the languages I require? (WGL would probably be enough for me).

I'd appreciate any advice.

Macbook Pro, retina screens, hinting, the future

Hello all,

In light of yesterday's unveiling of its Macbook Pro (with Retina Display), seems like good time to restart this question:
What do you see as the future of TrueType hinting? The short-term value is obvious. I get it. I'm with you.
But when breaking out the checkbook, how do we measure the value of hinting in the context of improving rasterizers, iOS's limited appetite for hinting, screen resolution, etc.?

This is an honest question, not a statement. It's a wonderful, daunting, inspiring, confusing time of possibilities and pitfalls.
Love to read some thoughts on this, in light of Apple's news. Many thanks.

Drag and drop Web-font testing page (Including OT features)


The Font Testing Page is a tool primarily intended for type designers and independent foundries. It can also be used by art directors, graphic designers, teachers and students interested in seeing how a typeface works on the web.

There is a short video at:

Operation is simple:
- First, you must accept the request from the browser.
- Then drag the font you want to try to the upper area of the Testing Page.

Below you will find 8 buttons: Headlines, Text, Lowercase Only, Adhesion Only, Caps, All Caps, Layout and Kern.
- Headlines: Displays examples: 72, 60, 48, 36 and 30 to 12.
- Text: Displays text blocks, from 20 to 10.
- Lowercase only: Displays examples of 72, 60, 48, 36, 30, 24, 18 and 16 to 10.

Good Website Fonts

Hi there,
I wondered what website fonts might look good for an internet site. I tried Fakt (Opentype) on one website and I feel it looks better than Arial. ( in case you want to have a look: http://info-buddhismus.de )

For 2 other websites I was thinking maybe I use another opentype font which can be included directly via the @font-face CSS rule. But I checked with Museo Sans or Calluna Sans and it does not look good at all.

Any idea which Font might work well? Verdana and Arial/Helvetica seem to be still the better choice. Also any example or link to a site which uses a well working font (being easy to read and also looking good) would be welcomed.

Draft of vertical metrics recommendations for web fonts

I've been trying to get to the bottom of how to best set vertical metrics in web fonts. These issues go way back, all the way to the creation of the TrueType format, which had separate Windows and Mac fields. Setting them wrong will lead to clipping, strange line spacing, and inconsistencies between browsers - sadly very familiar outcomes for people using web fonts. I'd like to make all that go away, and, just as important, make life easier for font designers, so they can just set the metrics and be confident they're right.

To _really_ understand vertical metrics on the web, I created some test cases and tested on a lot of browsers. I also came up with some draft recommendations, generally similar to the ones Typekit has been promoting.

Job Opportunity at Monotype Imaging: Web Fonts Product Marketing

Product Marketing Manager

About the Job
Monotype Imaging is searching for the right Product Marketing Manager to direct and coordinate cross functional teams and activities for products, product lines, or product areas with the goal on expanding our Web Font Services product line and business. Responsibilities will include:

• Clearly accountable for the role of Web Font Services product owner in our agile product development process which includes being the product expert with the ability to provide technical leadership to the development team. Sets and manages priorities for both internal and external resources.
• Responsible for investigating new product ideas and identifying key product differentiators in terms of market potential and development/production costs.

Fonts from the Hallmark Design Collection Introduced by Ascender


Ascender today announced an agreement with Hallmark Cards to distribute fonts from the distinguished Hallmark Design Collection, a premium set of script and lettering-style typefaces. Each Hallmark font contains the quality, innovation and care that are reflected in the Hallmark brand.

The Ascender type development team collaborated with Hallmark to produce the fonts in TrueType and OpenType formats, and is making the fonts available today for licensing and instant download from Ascender’s font websites, including AscenderFonts.com and http://FontsLive.com.

Help Adobe pick its next round of web fonts

Do you have ideas about Adobe's next web fonts release? Let us know what you'd like to see. http://bit.ly/bmr0xP

It would be nice if those interested in making suggestions would read Christopher's full blog post linked to above and comment on our blog. But if you're in a hurry, we can take comments here as well. However, please choose only from the following list:

Alexa Std
Arno Pro
Balzano Std
Banshee Std
Bell Centennial Std
Bickham Script Pro*
Birch Std
Blackoak Std
Brioso Pro
Brush Script Std
Caflisch Script Pro*
Caliban Std
Adobe Caslon Pro
Century Old Style Std
Chaparral Pro*
Charlemagne Std
Cooper Black Std*
Copal Std
Coriander Std
Cottonwood Std
Courier Std
Cronos Pro*
Cutout Std
Flood Std
Fusaka StdGaramond Premier Pro*
Adobe Garamond Pro*

Why does iPhone/iPad/iTouch only supports SVG @font-face, and not TTF or WOFF?

Does anyone know why iPhone/iPad/iTouch only supports SVG @font-face implementation, and not TTF or WOFF? Seems strange to me since Apple® Safari® (Webkit) supports TTF from version 3.1 and later. Thanks!