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Mad Men's SC&P

Curious what you guys think of Mad Men's "Sterling Cooper & Partners" logo.

Hello Typohphiles,
I am pretty new as a contributor to the font world and was hoping some more experienced members could point me in the right direction. I recently released a font which has gleaned a lot of attention and now a major US broadcaster is requesting to license it for use as a logo for a television show, for US audience only, for one season for now.

I really have no idea how I should be calculating licensing fees for something like this, or what is appropriate. I neither want to overcharge nor undersell myself on this. The only point of reference I have found is the broadcast license calculator on Typoteque, which feels high to me, but at the same time I am sure the broadcaster is dealing with huge budgets.

Hi all

I'm a newbie so I hope this doesn't seem impolite for a first post. I am trying to recreate the John Craven's Newsround logo from the 1970s era and I'm struggling with the typeface used.

Please see the attachment. I know that the words "John Craven's" are pretty much a version of Flash Bold but I am really foxed by the large rounded sans serif used for the main font: "NEWSROUND".

I'm trying to identify the font that CBS television is currently using for the lower third promos that pop up occasionally during their shows. I photographed a few examples off the television and compiled them into the first .jpg. Second .jpg shows how the text appears on screen.

Any ideas?

Hi everyone,
As I can't seem to find much information I drop the question here:
What are the specifics when designing a typeface for use on (PAL) television?
Does anyone know of a good source of information on this topic? I saw some books on Amazon, but their value is not clear...





Could someone please tell me which font is this?

The image is a bit blurry, but I hope that the type is recognizable.

I will try to find something clearer.

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