Alternatives for Meta

Looking for a new typeface to use for my webdesign company I found FF Meta to be potentially the right one. It's modern, clean, no-nonsense, but also a bit "creative", has a bit more personality. I use Frutiger now, but I'm kind of bored with it. I like clean typefaces like Helvetica and Frutiger, but it's just a bit too plain.

However, as with many of the "classics", Meta is everywhere! On trucks passing by, on the ad display next to the road, on the local butcher's window, etc.

Sans serif close to meta

Hi everyone

First time here, so please forgive any noobiness.

I'm working on a interface design which have to use this typeface I'm looking for.

And I've been handed some screens from the device (see the attachments)
I've already tried without any luck.

As you may see this face is very close to Meta but it has few differences on the lowercase a, i and B.
There is also the chance that this is a exclusive custom typeface used by this client.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.