arial font

Diacritics are treated differently in the Arial font whether the base character is a latin, or a greek, character.


The figure below was obtained in Word using the Arial font. They show, first the LATIN SMALL LETTER A (0061) progressively combined with the diacritics COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT (0301), COMBINING TILDE (0303) and COMBINING OVERLINE (0305). When I try the same combination with the GREEK SMALL LETTER ALPHA (03B1), one can see that the COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT is placed normally on top and at the center of the character α. But afterwards the diacritics are displaced to the right and upwards. Why does the Arial font do this ? What is the purpose of these displacements ?

Complementary font with Arial font



I thought I posted this but I don't see it in the forum. I built this page for a client and used Georgia font for the profiles and Arial font for the rest of the page.

I'm wondering if someone can suggest a complementary font to the Arial for this page.

I'm also wondering if there is a site that shows complementary fonts similar to a complementary colour chart.

Thank you,