JollyGood Sans- the sensible alternative to the font that must not be named.

Hi there, i saw this font today on a 1978 movie poster for the film "Piedone l'africano" (Flatfoot in Africa). I could not find out so far what font it uses. I do not assume that it is hand drawn, althought the two "O" do not look exactely identical. This could as well come from the poor printing techniqes. Can anyone help me identifying it? Thank you very much.

If there are any comic fonts experts, can someone prompt me what is this interesting sharp comic font, used in the comic book named Cairo (a graphic novel by G.Willow Wilson, 2009)? It resembles both sans-serif and horror fonts but I've never seen a similar one in comic fonts weblists. If it cannot be identified, then maybe someone knows any similar comic or non-comic font with such the sharp features?

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Swordling is a prototype font for an upcoming cartoon project. Archive contains both vector and bitmap files. I'm considering using photofont plugins in order to preserve colors.


Hello everybody. I'm making a thesis research on a mexican popular comic called "El Libro Semanal".
For the editorial design of the final thesis I need a nice pair of cool fonts, and I'm thinking in "borrowing" the font this comic uses for the texts and dialogue ballons, though I still dont know wich one is it. Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance

I need to know the name of this font

i think Comic Sans is an ordinary-famous font in the whole world. Why do some people (especially typographer and type design) hate that font?

Its just a font. I think the hater just have bit of envy of that font's popularity beside that's 'un-good' work. I think the worth of a font is reflected by people response instead the type designer. Because the consumer of the font is people, not the type design. People ignore design that ignores people.

I need to know the name of the font used in the announcement shown here. Your help is appreciated.

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I need an expert.

Please help me to identify this cool font. I dont care if commercial or free, just help me with the Name.

Bilder hochladen

from Michael Adkins...

Just wondering if I could get some feedback on this new font. First: this font isn't trying to take itself too serious. It is a condensed tribute to the classic 1940s Captain America covers. Second: It fits in fine when bold, fill-up-the-space lettering is called for, and it works great for signage when you're trying to cram everything into a tight space (DOT numbers and GVW's come to mind.) In all other venues, its usability remains to be seen.

Really, it's a work of passion, so the question of overall functionality also remains to be seen. Still, people are downloading the freebie at a hot pace, so there may be life for it beyond the funny books and sign shops. Thoughts?


hey everyone, i need some help identifying the fonts on this poster, i believe the black to be a sort of futura custom? is the caroton style font also a sort of komika or artbrush custom? thanks so much!

can somebody help me,
Ive already spent at least an hour in WhatTheFont
ive already tried letter by letter identification but still no avail.

im just a poor web designer in the PHilippines that needs help thanks

I know it's a bit wide but it's worth it. You can't beat a bit of Wondermark.

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Xiphactinus- comic display font

Hello everybody,

I finished a draft of capital letters for my first font, Xiphactinus.

It's intended as a display font for comic titles, specifically prehistoric or pirate themed ones (you know, The Land of the Lost Before Time That Time Forgot, with cavegirls and giant gorillas and stranded adventurers and such). It's inspired by several genre works, especially the works of William Stout. I included a few screencaps of those typefaces underneath mine.

The lower case will be just small caps. I did the name in FontCreator to show what I'm going for, although I haven't braved sidebearings and kerning yet.

Thanks for your help!

can you recognize this typeface?

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