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Sans Serif

Two San serif

Two fonts im trying to identify, designs from Ireland but not dont know who did them to give credit

No.1 should be easy for someone, K.C.? :) because I know ive seen it alot but can't put my finger on it.

No.2 Im hoping someone knows it, lovely font, the dots on the i may be bespoke perhaps?

Thanks everyone

Garish re-creation needed

These letters are part of a logo for a public library that, as often happens, has no knowledge where the original files are located. They are only in possession of two low-res-digital files, from which I need to re-create a more usable format, preferably a vector image. I've searched through a few "font identification" sites to try and come up with the name of this font, but to no avail. I would greatly appreciate the help!

Sans Serif named "Agnes"

This font was installed on my company laptop (which was previously used by someone else). The file is named "agnes.otf", but I haven't been able to find it under that name anywhere, or find out who designed it. It only has uppercase glyphs, and no numerals or special characters.

I was wondering if "Agnes" is its real name, who might have designed it, and whether there is a more complete character set to be purchased somewhere.

Thanks a lot in advance.