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Tips and advice



I have recently graduated from university, studying Graphic Design. I have created a blog with some of my designs to exhibit some of my skills.

Here is my blog: munyachidakwa.wordpress.com

I would love for some feedback on my work. I am open to any form of criticism.

I thank you for taking time to read this


TypographyMatters Poster Series Help


Hey everyone, I'm new to this awesome forum. I was wondering if I could get some of you experts in typography to help give some input on my poster series. I'm creating posters that deal with typography and some basic tips for beginners. Right now I have 8 posters and will maybe make a ninth if I need it. I was hoping that everyone could give me some input on the topics I chose to write about.

1. Choose the right typeface for the job.
2. Serif or Sans Serif?
3. Kern correctly.
4. Use two fonts on average in a design.
5. The grid.
6. Weights.
7. Hierarchy.
8. Use fonts that have complete sets of glyphs.

So those were the topics I chose to put. I'm going for a real minimalist poster and I already have some examples if you would want to see them.

Thanks everyone.

Superpolator tips - tricks - tutorial


Hi guys,

I recently bought Letterror's Superpolator. I've seen all the video's about it from the Robothon 2009 event, but still the program stays a bit of a mystery to me. Since there is no (known) manual for Superpolator, other than the Robothon 2009 video's, I hope there are some people out there willing to share tips and tricks. Perhaps we could even build a wiki page for it.

These are the issues I'd like to be enlightened on:

1) Importing/updating individual UFO glyphs
If you edit your masters in Fontlab and and want to update them in Superpolator, do you replace the existing master or can you update just the glyphs you editted in FontLab?

2) Automatic update master in Superpolator

Need Cyrillic Fonts

I am new at this forum, so I’m not sure whether this is the right place to post these kind of questions, but I need a typeface for everyday use with Cyrillic letters. Being a poor student, I don’t think I can afford an expensive, professional one. Does anyone have an idea or two?

What I’m looking for is to begin with, a good all-round typeface, like Garamond but for Cyrillic. The only thing I have now is Times Cyrillic, which I find rather boring. But if anyone has great tips for sans serif fonts, I’d appreciate that as well. And, as previosly stated, I’d prefer free fonts if that is possible.

Thanks in advance!

Caspian Rehbinder