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Eric Olson

a Good match for Klavika



I've done some research but not sure if I'm choosing the right aesthetic choice. Being a student Graphic Artist for some time now, yet I still have much to learn.

My question, I'm designing a film-magazine cover, contents, and several spreads for my portfolio to graduate from school this year. Moreover, I have selected Mr. Olson's Klavika typeface for call-outs, headlines etc, but I;m not sure what serif face I use for body copy that will compliment Klavika. As of this moment I'm using Caslon 240 I believe.

Are there any suggestions that I may consider?


Bryant Compressed

Part of: Indices : Typefaces : Rounded Typefaces

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Bryant Compressed
Designed by Eric Olson 2002–2005

Designed for situations where large point sizes and maximum letter count need to coexist, Bryant Compressed is the narrowest of the Bryant families. Sharp stem joins and increased contrast — stylistic departures from the other weights and widths — allow this face to keep the Bryant style while maintaining a narrow width.