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Heading to match/contrast with Dolly


I'm setting an extended text in Dolly. I like it, but I don't think it works well for headings, so I'm trying to find a suitable face for the headings.

What I've been trying so far has been Fontin, which shares some of the calligraphic characteristics of Dolly that make it distinctive. However, one opinion I've gotten is that it doesn't provide enough contrast, being too similar without being the same. Because Dolly is a face with strong character, it may be worth having a strongly contrasting style.

I'm tending towards using a sans serif for the headings. Since there are going to be multiple consecutive lines of headings, it's important not too have anything excessively blatant.

What's the best software/service for classifying fonts by height, ascender/descender, aperture, etc?


Is there any font classification service (web page, app, book) that classifies fonts by x-height, ascender and descender lengths, stroke contrast, apertures and counters, besides the basic serif and sans-serif classifications? Also if if the font is made for heading, body, etc.

Arsenal free font for Cyrillic and Latin


dear friends typophiles!
i am glad to present you new Arsenal contrast sans typeface. the project wins the contest for ukrainian font by Mystetsky Arsenal foundation and Stairfors design studio (some info in english about it you can find here and here).
so now it is typefamily of four fonts, released under OFL for free download.

interesting that it includes few unusual historic alternates for cyrillic letters (like latin-looking f with double bar for ф or round form for я) from old ukrainian origins.

Font legibility and contrst


Hey guys,

I think i can post again and thanks a lot to Kent.
While going through some articles, I realized contrast in typeface is very important but i can not find factors of design which affect the contrast. What are the factors that affect contrast? Is it x height, thickness of stroke or anything else?
Also to improve legibility, some people are designing fonts with tapered edges( called flaring and expansion of edges in a specimen). Does this really affect the legibility? and if it does any other points that can affect legibility.


MeM — an interactive type system with a wide range of individual personalities


Sometimes a surprise, sometimes as expected – MeM is an interactive type system with a wide range of individual personalities.

The eccentric experimental type system created by Elena Schädel and Jakob Runge in 2012. It produces many personalities, each individual and emotive. You will never know which of the alternating letters is going to occur next. Basically, at the heart of it all is MeM: four different weights and letter shapes melded together into one powerful font and shuffled with the sleek usability of OpenType.

high contrast serif fonts

hey all,

last days i always came across high contrast serif fonts.
spezial in the field of fashion and magazines.

is there any category name for those fonts or does anyone know where there came from or what background they have?

even a few names from similary ones would help!!!!!

i am sure the font from saturday for industrie magazine is custom made but there are so many out there right now there must be some mainstream version :)

i am not looking for slabserif or egyptienne.
and i am aware that bodoni does have a good contrast in the line width :)

thanks so much!

Two New Releases From Greater Albion


Here are samples of Greater Albion Typefounders' latest two releases, which have just launched on myfonts.com and fontspring.com.

Paragon is a display Roman family of nine faces, combining elements of formality and fun. It embodies a high degree of contrast between near hairline horizontal strokes and bold vertical strokes. The family is offered in three widths and in regular, small capitals and title faces. Use Paragon to lend impact to your next design project.

Help tweaking script font for legibility in small sizes


Hi there,

I was wondering if i may have some assistance in a logo i am creating at the moment. I have licensed metroscript and would like to increase the contrast so the logo is scaleable and legible in small sizes.

So far i have filled the "O"'s counter, as well as the "A"'s to increase legibility, however I am still struggling to add contrast to the logo.

Are there any tips you might have?