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Apple Watch UI Font

I'm not much of an Apple fanboy but I couldn't help but notice the font in their watch UI, it seems like a mix of Univers and DIN, like it's engraved, maybe they wanted to suggest a classic machined quality to the product.

A good thing they are drifting away from Helvetica.

Does anyone know something about it?

Apple Garamond


I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or experience with "apple garamond". From what I have read it seems to not have been released publicly and a quality revival is no where to be found. It was something that I was looking to pursue, but didnt want to go full steam ahead, only to be abruptly stopped by a quality revival or even the existing typeface existing digitally already...

Fonts on Retina: Good or bad?

Hello everyone.

I am a big font enthusiast. These days I am looking for a laptop. Since Retina MacBook Pro has very high pixel density (220/227 ppi) I went to the store to test it.

But to my surprise, the font looked somehow unnatural, strange, too sterile, maybe even too sharp and not so pleasant to read. Of course looking at the words and characters, the curves were perfectly displayed. Like on a paper. Hardly a pixel was found (unless looking very near display).
Then I started to search about that and found these thoughts:

"It needs organic noise, otherwise it all looks like dead plastic"

"Sharpness of type is being celebrated. But that’s not a quality in itself. Just looks cold. Type needs a certain amount of fuzziness. Warmth"

How to generate colour bitmap fonts for Mac OS 10.7/8

A while ago I researched out of curiosity if it was possible to build fonts with embedded colour bitmaps like the Apple Color Emoji font on Mac OS 10.7/10.8. I figured out the «sbix» table format and wrote some code that can be hooked into the Python FontTools to decompile and compile the sbix table which contains the image data.

Some of my research was generously allowed to happen during my working hours at FontShop International.

After pondering for a while what to do with this knowledge, me and FontShop International finally decided to make the code public to encourage experimentation.

So without further ado, please check out the attached demo scripts.

Can I make a color emoji font, like Apple Emoji font? How?


I wanna make a color emoji font, like Apple Emoji font. But I dunno how. I've used Symbola font too. I tried to import the images to the font, but I cannot. I dunno which software for developing the color emoji font.

Can I make it? How? Which the software (for example, Fontlab, FontCreator, etc.) they support and allow to import the images to the font? Need to be in Mac or Windows?



Thick Script Font Mystery

Hi everyone. I have a font mystery that I desperately need to figure out. I just got a graphic artist job and the owner used this font for a product name that has since disappeared from every machine it was on. This happened back in 2010. The files I have indicate that the name of the font was Tangerine. I have been able to find fonts with that name but they are not matches. So here is a rundown of what I know.

1. Script/Handwriting Font
2. Bubble Letter / Marker look
3. Disappeared from Apple computers in Dec 2010
4. Used to be called Tangerine.
5. Cannot find it anywhere on the internet under the name Tangerine.

The picture I am uploading are the only characters I have that I can show.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dan / Globalpuffer

Chinese, again

Hello, this is my third post about chinese fonts, sorry about that, but I've just worked on a project in mandarin and, although the project is finished, am still looking into it.

I had some problems embedding Mac OSX fonts into PDF so I looked around a lot and found several complaints concerning the Heiti fonts (SC and TC) that are now standard in OS 10.6. This link is the best example http://fixhei.monoceroi.com.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? I can't read a word (or ideogram) in chinese so I really don't see the flaws. I am concerned that the font may be flawed and am trying to find out if it is safe to use it in text meant for chinese readers.

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Gabriel Attuy

Why does iPhone/iPad/iTouch only supports SVG @font-face, and not TTF or WOFF?

Does anyone know why iPhone/iPad/iTouch only supports SVG @font-face implementation, and not TTF or WOFF? Seems strange to me since Apple® Safari® (Webkit) supports TTF from version 3.1 and later. Thanks!

Apple Vs WOOLWORTHS logo trademark case

Hi all,

I notice Apple is trying to stop the Australian company Woolworths from using their new logo which to me looks like a bunch of bananas or some other produce formed into a W.


I live in Australia and see the W logo everywhere and I am a fan of it, I have never ever thought of an Apple let alone Apple the electronics company when I have viewed this new logo.

I mean the logo does not share any aesthetic qualities compared to the Apple logo in terms of color/style although there is a tiny outside resemblance of an outside shape of an apple and one that is not near the shape of Apples.