I would like to introduce the font: INVECTORS Band


Complete presentation:

Relased freely at:

This is a 'brother' of INVECTORS font relased earlier.
Feel free to leave a comment..

Hi guys,

I just created a new custom logotype for one of my friend, it's somewhat final already, but I think it would be good if I could get some feedback/opinion from other person. I'd like to know what might be improved, which is I can still do. This might be useful for my upcoming project as well.

Here is the link

I hope some of you could give me a constructive feedback, I'm new here, please tell me if anything wrong with my post


Hey guys I've been working on this custom lettering project. What do you guys think? Is the composition balanced? Is this too busy? Your suggestions & constructive criticism would be much appreciated!

It's inspired by this quote... "Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket" by Pharrell.

- Joseph

May be impossible to identify, as it may be entirely custom, but I figure it's worth a shot.

I'm working on a custom script as a logotype and would like to have you feedback - I have two versions with differing "L"s:

So, A or B? I feel pretty good with the "Hus" but I think that the "tle" still needs some working out. Additionally I'm aware of some of the Illustrator stroke issues with some jankiness that I'll attend to once I get the letter forms finalized.

Let me know if you see any other problem areas or have suggestions to improve it.

Hi guys,
does anyone know of a typeface that is similar to the one attached here?
I'm working on a novel that centers around a vietnam refugee, and I'd love to set the title in something like this.

Thanks in advance!

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Customize Font name

My company bought font licenses for the office. Let says Helvetica. I want to modify the name to HelveticaSPD to the whole family. I have seen it done, can someone point me to some instructions?

Thanks in advanced.

I've been trying to find a good online lettering class for a while. Its been very hard to find any class, let alone a good class. Any help or directions will be very appreciated.

Yet another logo I must recreate (I do many every day, btw). I used FindMyFont, WhatTheFont, and no dice. I then even tried vectorizing it using Vector Magic and Flash Bitmap Trace. The results were atrocious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The P is a different font than the rest. I fear the P may be custom, meaning I'll have to recreate it. But the rest should be identifiable somehow. Again, thanks!

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had any insights to what this custom logo wordmark was derived from? Any closest matches?
Thanks so much for the help!

Is Times Roman the first ever custom typeface for a newspaper? I already tried to use both searches (google and typophile's) for some old thread I remember being about the subject, with no luck...
So far the most useful has been: Historic timeline of significant typefaces concerned with typography, somewhat compact in nature.


I was wondering if anybody knew of a font that looked similar to this particular style of handwriting. I've seen several illustrators who have a similar style, and I thought maybe there was some font which reproduced it somehow.

Many thanks in advance.

It's possibly custom, however if anyone knows what "Bomberman" is set in, or something extremely close it would be much appreciated.

The attached sampler is not for Latin, or any other language, except that of Nature.
I designed it to illustrate my physics theory. Recently it was used it to good advantage to illustrate my essay "Is Reality Digital Or Analog? Physics Is Undecided - A Beautiful Universe Theory Answers" for a contest. Please feel free to download the pdf, rate and give your opinions about it on the contest website here.
Below is a typical illustration from the paper.
The full original 2005 paper "Beautiful Universe" can be downloaded from
here; the first sections of both papers are not too technical and can be understood by the layperson. The rest I myself just barely understand!

This could be custom, but anyone know it or something close to it?

I'm working on some custom script and this is my first time trying to pull off something this ornate. I know there are some serious issues with this guy, but I'd love some helping identifying some priority fixes since this goes to print in less than 24 hrs. Any feedback would be very appreciated!

Also, I started cutting away sections of the path where things overlap, to give it a ribbony, dimensional feel. Do you prefer with or without?

Hey typophiles, I've got another logotype that near to completion. This one has been really difficult for me so I really need your guys eyes on this.

I've been asked to create a logotype for a wool felt and leather iPhone, iPad, MacBook Sleeve accessory maker who also makes really nice leather bags. She has become very popular on Etsy and has created quite a name for herself, and thought it was time to get a custom mark. She was formerly an architect and applies her clean modern aesthetic to all her pieces. She asked me to create a custom logotype that would reflect her taste and design ethos.

Hello Fellow Typophiles,

I was contacted by a photographer to create a custom logotype for him. He had seen an identity I did for another photographer and said that those letterforms resonated with him, and he would like something similar. Will is a very talented panoramic photographer and after perusing his personal website I decided that this logotype needed to be wide. I also wanted his logotype to work nicely with a complementary typeface so that I could write:
all in one line, to create a panorama of sorts. [See WillPearson_LogoType_01.jpg for example ]

Hello font lovers :)

I've got an annoying problem (but then again, aren't all problems annoying?). Well here goes:

I've pursued an old idea of splitting a font in half — one font (half) containing the first set of fragments of each glyph, the second font (half) containing the rest of the fragments. I'm calling the font Unify 1 and Unify 2.

The idea is then to write something with a readable font, then duplicate the text you've just written and add Unify 1 to the first copy and Unify 2 to the second copy. To be able to read the whole thing, you need to put the two copies on top of each other and voila! It's complete.

That was the concept. Now to the problem, which I've explained in this short video:

I am looking to identify the attached font. It might be a custom face, if so does anyone have any recommendations for a similar typeface? Thank you!

Here's some new work I completed this evening for a friend's wedding mark.

Möbius Strip WIki

It's sooooo on the tip of my tongue, but I can't quite match the name with the face.

Part of: Indices : Typefaces : Rounded Typefaces

GE Insipira is a custom Rounded Typeface for the GE Corporation.

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