Extremium point issue with Font-Audit in combination with Multiple Master


I work with FontLab and use multiple master technology for developing font families with a large amount of weights.
Unfortunately I am experiencing an issue in combination with font-audit.
The option "extremium point" does not work well with multiple masters.
It adds an extremium point to the current master, but this extremium point is not placed correctly on the other masters.

Does anyone experience the same issue?
Anyone has a solution?

Problem displaying some fonts in Chrome

I am running OS X Snow Leopard and now again I a pronlem with certain fonts rendering properly. The characters are displaying as a glyph not found symbol.

The attached file is an example that occured when testing @font-face implementation in Chrome, weirdly Safari was fine. I have also had the same issue in OpenOffice, TextEdit, PowerPoint and at other random time.

Anyone got any ideas?