It is part of the book jacket from a Spanish novel. Is the typeface that states the author's name condensed or that's just the way the typeface was designed? And what's with the non-closing P letterform?

Thank you all in advance!

I generated a font with just one kerning pair of -60.
The font appeears in InDesign CS5 ME with no kerning visible but the kern values in the menu appear in brackets (-60).

Fontlab 5.04 build 2741

In the prefernces, Generating Open Type... Kerning:
Expand class kerning while building [kern] table.

InDesign CS5 ME

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone can name for me a typeface with bracketed serifs and even strokes (no thin/thicks)?

I can't seem to think of, or find any with these qualities, but there MUST be some (unless it breaks some kind of rule for non-slab-serif serif fonts to NOT have thick/thin strokes?)


AND (if anyone knows) - is there a SERIF typeface based on Gill Sans that is not Perpetua? (Again, perhaps one without the humanist strokes?)

Hope someone can help!

Thanks very much,


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