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Naming problem, want to have the fonts in the same family


I'm having a problem naming my new font, both Regular and Italic styles should belong to the same family but it's not working that way and I can't figure what I'm doing wrong, any tips? I've used the same naming structure in another font and it worked just fine but on this one it isn't working, it displays both styles in different families.

I've attached the images of the settings of each style.


Unicode naming


Is there a way to keep unicode when I append a glyph? I drew a roman font and all unicode and naming work well. Now I want to draw the italic one. So, I start from an italic vbf file I've already drew as a basic file and I want to import the new glyph I've inserted in the roman one. When I import it I lost the unicode name. Is some typophile user has a solution to append a glyph without lost the unicode number? I hope the problem description is clear enough.

Naming typefaces: had Book Antiqua been a name as good as Palatino?

Naming a typefaces is probably one of the greatest pains that comes with typographic design. As usual, my list of name alternatives grows faster than a rabbit population, and the chance to decide upon one falls into the deep. One is tempted to eeny-meeny-miny-moe... but there's this other mind:

  1. To which extent is the name of a font a catalyst for good sales?
  2. How important are these characteristics in your opinion?: (e.g. Is Palatino a name as good as Book Antiqua?)
  • Semantics.
  • A name that relates to yourself.
  • A ‘good looking’ name.
  • A ‘good sounding’ name.
  • Great number of letters with different characteristics (a show-off name).
  • Length of the name.

Naming and grouping for usability



I've searched everywhere for some good answers on why so many fonts are "badly" named. But found no good answers, so I hope the experts here can put some light on this issue :D

When using a font manager a lot of fonts do not group into families. This has been very annoying for me over the years. Thanks through this forum I found some help on how to change the names so the fonts show up in a more convenient way. I used TTX and the book O´Reilly - Fonts and Encodings as reference. It was tedious work, so I only changed some favorites. Yes DTL OTMaster would probably be a much faster way but it was to expensive.

Typeface credits in books

Hi all,

I've been wondering about the following. I always like it when the typefaces used in a book are mentioned in the credits. It gives credit to the design and the designer and saves me a lot of Whatthefont sessions ;-) But what if one were to use a typeface that has a different name than the original (I'm thinking for instance about several Bitstream and URW typefaces that had to change the name for copyright purposes). Would you credit it Optus or Optima, Gill Sans or Humanist 521?