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Ligature don't work, bitstream font



I got this font, but the ligatures "fl" & "fi" don't work, even if they are integrated to the font.

You can try it with the preview there, it's the first font, by Bitstream : http://www.myfonts.com/search/classical+garamond/fonts/#item_2

When you type "fi" & "fl" in the preview, and you select to display the ligatures in the options, they don't work.


Bitstream Li'l Bits Font Packs

I have been busy compiling the following list for historical purposes.
However, I am missing information particular to the "Looney Tunes 1 Font Pack, which I have preceded with a bullet •. The complete list of fonts in that pack, and, if you have the original box, a scan of the front and back would be extremely helpful. Thanks!!

Bitstream Li'l Bits Novelty Font Pack Font Lists


Star Trek (Horizon)
Star Trek Film (Galaxy)
Star Trek Pi
Starfleet Bold Extended (Millennium Bold Extended)
Venetian 301 (Centaur)
Square 721 Condensed (Eurostile)

StarTrek Next (Sonic Cut Thru)
StarTrek Gen (Sonic Extra Bold)
StarTrek Next Pi
Crillee Italic [A Letraset Font]
Swiss 911 Ultra Compressed (Helvetica Ultra Compressed)

Typeface credits in books

Hi all,

I've been wondering about the following. I always like it when the typefaces used in a book are mentioned in the credits. It gives credit to the design and the designer and saves me a lot of Whatthefont sessions ;-) But what if one were to use a typeface that has a different name than the original (I'm thinking for instance about several Bitstream and URW typefaces that had to change the name for copyright purposes). Would you credit it Optus or Optima, Gill Sans or Humanist 521?