On Saturday evening 12 October 2013, the diner of the yearly ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) conference took place at the atmospheric Winter Garden restaurant of Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam. More than 300 attendees enjoyed the excellent buffet. Highlight of the evening was the presentation of the 3rd Dr. Peter Karow Award for Font Technology & Digital Typography to Dr. Donald E. Knuth, world famous for developing TeX and Metafont.

Recently I’ve noticed on MyFonts that some typefaces are ‘published’ by both Typeshop and Softmaker, i.e. TS Nashville (note the design owner is ‘Quick Brown Fox’) and Nashville Serial.

I did some research and read on a thread here the story about Sean Cavanaugh’s SoftMaker. And whilst doing more research I found this on another thread

“Typeshop Collection”, which, as it seems, is the former Quick Brown Fox “Serials Typecollection”, which is the former Brendel & Pabst “Serial Type Collection”.

Hi all,

I've been wondering about the following. I always like it when the typefaces used in a book are mentioned in the credits. It gives credit to the design and the designer and saves me a lot of Whatthefont sessions ;-) But what if one were to use a typeface that has a different name than the original (I'm thinking for instance about several Bitstream and URW typefaces that had to change the name for copyright purposes). Would you credit it Optus or Optima, Gill Sans or Humanist 521?

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