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How do I access / map manually added ligatures in Word?

Hi guys,

I've created a client font that has some manually added ligatures. It works fine on Apple, because OpenType does the work for me. But can I get these ligatures to work in Microsoft Word? They're not mapped to any key on the keyboard, so how can I access them? I'm making a small manual for the client how to use the font. If this means I have to map these extra ligatures to some keys, this is fine with me.

Can anyone help me out here?

A math font that maps the same as Cambria Math?

Hello Experts! :D

I am working on a Journal of Science booklet and I am having some issues with some math equations. In their Word document they used Cambria Math to do their math equations. I have my body copy set in Adobe Garamond Pro. The math equations are not showing up.

Is there anything out of the Adobe Library 11 that will map the same as Cambria Math. I don't have Cambria Math on my computer to substitute what I am currently using.

Thanks for the help.