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Font Bureau

Salvo Sans & Salvo Serif Released by Font Bureau

Salvo Sans & Salvo Serif
Cyrus Highsmith designed Salvo Sans & Salvo Serif (originally called Boomer Sans & Boomer Serif) as one series to tie the design of AARP The Magazine to AARP The Bulletin and AARP Segunda Juventud. Together the Salvos illustrate the guiding sentiments of the design director Courtney Murphy, “Hopeful, informative, alive, embracing and delightful. The right words draw people in, but on a subconscious level the typeface does that first.” FB 2007, 2011

FB Alix Released by Font Bureau

FB Alix
With a vintage Selectric typewriter as his muse, Matthew Butterick set out to make a monospaced font that preserved the liveliness & comfortable readability of a proportional design. FB Alix was inspired by IBM’s Prestige, a ’50s stalwart, but features true cursive italics, not sloped variants. An OpenType set of proportional alternates allows for more conventional text fitting while retaining the classic typewriter look; FB 2011

4 Styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic

FB Alix is available as OpenType fonts with oldstyle figures and stylistic alternates.

New Site for The Dale Guild Type Foundry by Nick Sherman (metal type)

Nick Sherman designed a new site for our metal type foundry using some web fonts by Font Bureau which reference faces designed by Morris Fuller Benton once cast on our ATF Barth casters. If you are interested in metal type or letterpress I hope you will have a look!

Daniel Morris
The Dale Guild Type Foundry
Howell, NJ & Brooklyn, NY


Leaving MyFonts / Joining Font Bureau

Several people have contacted me recently in regards to the following topic, so I figured I might as well make a formal announcement…

After more than 3 full years of commitment, I've recently brought my position as the first full-time designer for MyFonts to a close. I'm very glad to say that I'm still on the best of terms with the MyFonts team and have nothing but the best wishes for them in the future. Working with John, Kevin, Chris L, Chris D, Jan, Laurence, Adam, and Joshua was one of the best experiences of my life, and it's hard to imagine finding a group of people as intelligent, supportive, or pleasant to work with as them.