Hello dear experts,

Been pulling my hair out for this one, I really hope you guys can help identify this typeface:
Pretty sure it's a calligraphic one but I can't seem to pinpoint exactly.

Need to know the typeface used for "1898" the "1" seems to be unique to this.. IT's not palatino nor garamond. I figured movies usually use default / standard typefaces
Hope you can help!
Thanks in advance!

Handwriting/Calligraphy - sample supplied by client

Hello there!
I have a client who had some notepads printed up about 10 years ago. They love the typeface that was used. They want to do new notepads as well as other items, but they want to add additional names, etc. They do not recall where they had these done.

I have been to every font matching site i can find (whatthefont, fontsquirrel, fontspring etc), i've used the "find my font" program, spent an inordinant amount of time on identifont, bowfin and search by sight, as well as looking through every typeface book i could get my hands on. I am at a loss.