CD Cover Script Font Identification

Hi, this is Monique Selkirk speaking. I have a cropped image of a cd cover with the script font that I'm trying to identify, but I wasn't having much success with the recommended online tools and methods. The script font is the word "Beautiful," and I've attached the original image and the cropped image of it as well as another image of the script font separately on a black background. I don't know if the font is combined with different script fonts altogether, but is there any way you could help me identify it please?

"Freese's Department Store" shirt from the 2017 version of Stephen King's IT

I know the "Freese's" font is completely different then the "Department Store" font but just trying to get as close as possible. The image I have uploaded is what I assume is a shirt companies best rough trace of the font from high resolution movie stills, instead of determining what the actual fonts are.