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Thick body script

Need to recreate this font for a customer, and can't find the right typestyle.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hello fellow typophiles!

Back with another type ID request. The attached example is a rather silly image found on Pinterest, but I'm looking for an elegant, extra bold, Bodoni-like serif like the one used. Any idea what this seemingly more modern take might be?


Hi everyone. I have a font mystery that I desperately need to figure out. I just got a graphic artist job and the owner used this font for a product name that has since disappeared from every machine it was on. This happened back in 2010. The files I have indicate that the name of the font was Tangerine. I have been able to find fonts with that name but they are not matches. So here is a rundown of what I know.

1. Script/Handwriting Font
2. Bubble Letter / Marker look
3. Disappeared from Apple computers in Dec 2010
4. Used to be called Tangerine.
5. Cannot find it anywhere on the internet under the name Tangerine.

The picture I am uploading are the only characters I have that I can show.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dan / Globalpuffer

I've even used this typeface before but I can't find it in my big ole type library. Any ideas what this is? I really like the R and K :)

hey, I am looking for ideas for a type similar to this. I know this one is probably hand drawn... but anyone have ideas for something that could get me in the ball park?

thanks in advance.

Please help me identify this font.

I know it's edited here but I'd love to know the font name.

This case remains unsoved at the WhatTheFont forum. I thought I'd give you Typophiles a crack at it.

It's an older (3-4 years now?) Starbucks advertising font. I haven't seen it anywhere else, so worst-case it's proprietary.

Any ideas?

I'm looking for some sans fonts with thick (bold/black), wide, low x-height capital letters. Some ideas I've tried already are Neutra Display, Agenda Black, Nevis... along those lines. I often see these fonts with wide kerning as subtext in logos.

I know this is only one letter, but very similar to Rokkans R:
(If anyone knows that specific R that would be great too)

I will find some more examples. Sorry if this is the wrong thread to post in.

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Cursive Font

Hi there

Any of you font fundi's that can help me? I'm looking for a font similar to this - except without the illustration aspect (decoration on letters, birds). Are there any fonts similar?

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