non latin alphabeths

The successful typefamily Skolar by David Březina, has been extended to a pan-European character set. This version supports around 90 languages that use the Latin, Cyrillic, or Greek scripts, featuring over 2400 glyphs. The Cyrillic was awarded a Special Diploma at the international type design competition Modern Cyrillic 2009 and won the first prize in the Cyrillic text type category at Granshan 2009. As a bonus, Skolar PE can correctly place any accent from the font above or below all Latin letters, a useful feature for many linguistic applications.

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Hi everybody, I have a document with some paragraphs starting with drop caps that needs to be translated in various non latin alphabeths. I can imagine that drop caps don't have any sense in arabic since all letters are tied together, but would it make any sense in Greek?

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