Hello everyone,

Just to let you know that since last october, the ANRT (Atelier National de Recherche Typographique) has re-opened in France.
The call for applications is opened until the end of may, we select 6 students-researchers each year. For more informations, you can check our website.

We also organize on May 6th and 7th a symposium about "Automatic Type Design", more infos here.

Hope to meet some of you soon.

We are working on a project in the area of "Avenue de Champagne". Currently we are scouting for more information about the area and people who have influenced the local typography there and in France at the beginning of 20th century.

Here are some examples of the type style we are interested to know more about:
Or is this common signage type in some areas of France?

Insight, books, designers and why not even fonts appreciated.
(Reading has provided us with some history already but now we are looking for this specific style)

Thank you.

Just released a nice set of numbers, rescued from a 1838 Type Specimen Book issued by the Fonderie Clement, Bruxelles.

The 5 is my favorite, the upper part is unique.
I fell in love with it. And so I decided to digitize them all.
I hope you enjoy them! I made them with love.

Available for download at Just $15

I'm not completely sure, but I think that Clement was a Didot's apprentice, who then started his own foundry. If anyone has more info on that, I will appreciate it.


Looking for this one also,
It's French too -- but printed a bit later, 1936 -- Edition et Libraire Henri Bazain. Paris.
Used for Poetry


Hi everybody,

I'm looking for two fonts used in logos. The first one comes from ROC La Voulte-Valence Rugby Union Club. Letters are quite "square", geometric ones with some "holes" on the upper part of the letters. As the hole structure is the same for a same letter, I imagine that it's specific to the font.
The second one is from DRU or Dannish Rugby Union Federation, it seems to be a condensed font.
As usual, images are attached.

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Hi everybody,

I'm looking for font used in Cavaillon Rugby Union Club, It's kind of "block" font that I often find on jerseys but still unable to identify it.
I'm also still looking for the font used in Finnish Rugby Union, that kind of Castellar with different shape of serifs.
All images are attached naturally ;-)

Best Regards,

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for the font used in logo from CS Villefranche-sur-Sâone (Images from logo are attached). It looks like a "rounded" version of Blair, but still unable to identify it.

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Greater Albion Typefounders have just released tow new Typefaces on Fontspring and Myfonts:

Bertolessi, is a Roman face made fun, with a healthy dose of filigree curves thrown into the mix. It's an ideal compliment to our extensive Bertoni family, but can be used anywhere a bit of humour and flair is required.

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for the font used by RC Blois in their logo (image attached), it looks like a "serifed" version of Eras.

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Hi everybody,

I'm looking now for the font used in Stade Rouennais Logo (image is attached, good quality) or a similar one.

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for fonts from two Rugby union Clubs Logo. Excerpts are those are attached
The first one is from Rennes ERC, I really don't know what font it is.
The second one is from CA Orsay, it's some kind of mix of Cooper Black and Clarendon (but shapes from C, O, R seem to be different)


Looking to identify this. Tweet me if you know what it is. My twitter handle is @bwaggoner. If you ID it correctly, I'll send you a HOOK t-shirt. Thanks!

205 is a new type foundry founded in 2010 by Damien Gautier (Lyon, France)
Almost display fonts but not only...
Opentype fonts, it's sure! With opentype features (ligatures, alternate glyphs, etc.)

Already available :
– Amiral : a strong stencil typeface (uppercases only)
– Bloo : a four cut font in homage to "Codex80" by Jean Alessandrini
– Caporal : an elegant stencil font
– Colonel : a four cut stencil font – uppercases and lowercases – : cut, rounded and sharp angles
– LeChaufferie : a display font with 1200 ligatures !
– Robin : a dingbats font with infinite possibilities thanks to 5000 kerning pairs

Éditions Deux-Cent-Cinq publishes also books on typography, architecture and contemporary photography.
Visit the website :


I have not seen the info here yet, so I just wanted to let you know that a new French foundry launched last week (I am not related to the foundry - I just rather like the concept and the fonts): the Bureau des Affaires Typographiques. You can find all info in English here:

IMVHO I think Acier (a revival of Cassandre's type by Jean-Baptiste Levée) will be of interest to many of you since I have seen it (or a closely related character) used in a number of vintage London Underground font.

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