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Characters' sizes guide?


Hello everybody!

Just a quick question: Is there such a things as a guide to typical or standard character sizes? I'm in the process of creating a new typeface and I'm having trouble deciding on the width of some characters in relation to each other... for example, what's the typical length of the minus hyphen compared to the m dash? And the plus character? And so on and so on... Some very good info is in the "Character design standards" Microsoft Typography site, but no info on widths/proportions.

Also, any resource listing all the characters that "need" to be included in a font? My typeface will be Latin and Cyrillic and I'm using other fonts to look at which characters to include.


AFDKO, error occured on microsoft font validator


Dear buddies

Some time ago I had tested trying to build a font using makeotf-afdko
(Font, Version 1.002;PS 1.001;hotconv 1.0.57;makeotf.lib2.0.21895 DEVELOPMENT)
All of supporting data required has been edited from the source file example Adobe "minionpro". The process of generating fonts was successfully and font can be used at least in windows xp. But after I checked this font microsoft font validator, there are some pretty annoying error messages as follows:

into file: feature size
actually I haven't yet understand about the values of parameter, So I put them with random value, and It is succesfully generating error into Microsoft Font Validator (MFV) reviews :)

feature size {
parameters 150 3 65 84;

Making a bold font in Fontlab



We maintain a font for a client that we're moving to OpenType and they want to make the bold version a little heavier while we do this.

I can use the bold effect to get the glyphs to look the way I want them but is there a way to get Fontlab to expand the width of the character as well when changing the weight of the glyph? Seems like this would be a basic function but I've not yet found it.

I imagine with Python I might be able to script something to "record" the bearings, adjust the glyph weight and reset the bearings to what they were but I've NO idea how to even begin using Python.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

New to font designing and need some help in the technical aspects

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the website and I've found all the information here very helpful. For my senior project I chose to design a typeface from scratch, and there are some technical issues that I am having. I am making an italic serif typeface in the old style/ transitional style. I've taken some inspiration from Giambattista Bodoni's Bodoni typeface, and it will be used for displays, pull quotes, and headers.