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"Columbia Titling" on sale at MyFonts ($8 for the family!)


My new typeface, "Columbia Titling", is now on sale at MyFonts and for a limited time is just $8 for four weights!

Columbia Titling is an titling-caps display family based on wide Clarendon-style wood type and industrial signage design from the late-19th and early-20th Century. It includes a small set of OpenType features, including both tabular and proportional figures, special superscript ordinal suffixes, underlined superscript alternate letters, and OpenType fractions. The typeface takes its name from the historic S.S. Columbia, a steamboat launched in 1903. Though not a true reproduction, the wide, slab serif letterforms on the front of the Columbia's wheelhouse provided some inspiration for to develop this typeface. Enjoy!

Good, usable, cheap body copy fonts


I'm currently redesigning a magazine for a client who has a very low budget (almost non-existent). I'm at the stage of deciding which fonts to use for body copy. I don't think I'll get anywhere with free fonts, hence I chose Museo Sans for display and captioning. I'd like to look into alternatives for similar prices as the Exljbris 'free' fonts ($15-30 per weight).

I like Calluna, but I'd prefer it if the magazine didn't end up looking like an Exljbris specimen.

Has anyone ever worked with a good, usable, cheap serif font for body copy use in a long document like a magazine or book?



Tips request: no profit newspaper, which fonts?


Good morning everyone.

I'm going to design a 12 pages newspaper – compact, 24*34cm, 9.4"*13" – for a not for profit organization. The association is devoted to the promotion of its territory: from conscious tourism to the preservation and valorisation of their local artistic and environmental heritage.

Being an organization funded by its own members, I have been asked to use only free or cheap typefaces.

I think I need a good sans serif, with a regular and condensed family, and a serif for body text. I'd like to have some personality on the pages, starting from typography, but I understand their budget issues.

Have you got any idea to spare with me? Thank you very much.