font identify

I've got an unfortunately small size sample (in actual size and the number of glyphs) I've been trying to match for a prop I'm working on. Any help is appreciated.

Could anyone help me to identify this font? Thanks


I've got a task to rewrite this sentence on a hungarian site but I didn't found that font.
Is anyone here, who recognise the font set?

Best regards!

Can someone identify this font for me please?

It resembles 1066_Hastings font... but its not! Anyone know what font it is?

Here is the logo in question -

I have also attached an image. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I tried several font identifier services and can't find it. Anyone recognize this?

Can anyone identify this script font. It's been bugging me for ages!

Can anyone name this font? I cant even get some near results on wat the font :(


Hello everyone. I need to Identify this font for print reproduction. Hope you guys can help me. Thanks

I am humbly coming to this community of font expert to ask if any of you would have any idea of what the font below might be:

Thank you in advance...

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