Typeface from old type specimen from the beginning of sec. XX 4


I am trying to identify this typeface that
I found in a Portuguese type specimen from the beginning of sec. XX.
I'm pretty sure it should be from some German, French or English foundry at least by the end of the 19th Century.
Does anyone know this?


Looking to ID fonts in this Screen Cap

Mostly looking to ID the large green type.

I'd also like to know the font above it, although it's probably the same family. I can probably find replacements for the bottom white text but the small green text is also something I'd like to match.

Any insight/advice/direction is greatly appreciated!

Techno sans display, similar to Conthrax, smooth and round

Hi all just wondering if anyone know what this font is?
Mainly after the font that says "Italian Championship" I believe the font in the black rectangle at the bottoms is the same just not italic.

Is kind of similar to Ray Larabie's Conthrax I think.

Haven't posted on Typophile in years! Last time I came here a few years ago the site was gone, good to see it back up, was always a great community!

Any help would be great

Stevie Nicks Font?

I believe this design was lettered and therefore does not exist as a font (please let me know if I'm wrong). I assume this because it seems as though different designers created her logos for her albums and merch.

Wondering if I can find a font super similar to it for a friend, but can't seem to find anything remotely close besides P22 Victorian Swash (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/p22/victorian-gothic/swash/). Even that's too off base for the project!