Founders Grotesk

Pairing FF Fago with Akkurat


Have managed to persuade a client to reduce their corporate typeface from the awkward Fago range down to just using FagoExBold as a headline, and pairing this with Akkurat.

This works well to contrast the Character of the Fago headline font with a precise sans. Problem is Akkurat is too condensed for the aging design director as body copy, and does not read as comfortably as a text font. I have tried a -25 kerning and this seems to help.

But he is adamant the new Founders Grotesk is a better pairing for Fago! To me they seem to both have too much character to be seen together, and the clean nature of the Akkurat is a great contrast.

Any thoughts on how to make Akkurat work as body copy better? Or on the pairing choice?

Two new type families from Klim Type Foundry


I'd like to draw your attention to my new releases, Tiempos Text, Tiempos Headline and Founders Grotesk. For the first time I've written fairly comprehensive design information, and the new PDF specimens are by my good friend Duncan Forbes from The International Office.

Best regards, Kris.