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Mac font/ PC server issue


I have a problem regarding software and font recognition. I work at a small newspaper and we are in the midst of a redesign. This involves using new fonts, obviously. One we have chosen is Bodoni SvtyTwo ITC-TT. We use macs to design the paper each night. No problems there ... these are fonts that have been in our system for years. However, our plate-making software (called Asura) is a PC based software and we have been told by Asura that the Bodoni that we are using is a 'mac font.' I was always under the impression that fonts are fonts. How do we troubleshoot this as far as what kind of font we have in our system? Is there a certain file extension that would tell us exactly which font we have and what it is compatable with?

Python Scripting Guru?


Hello there:

As there is nothing like Prepolator for PC....
I'm thinking of some kind of basic script to help PC users to prepare fonts for "mask to master" interpolation.

Nothing too complex, maybe something simple like this:

For each glyph in the current open font:
- Count number of points
- Count number of contours
- Save list as .txt file, or just output somewhere that can be copied and pasted.

So, we can run the script in 2 fonts, open the list in excel & quickly find the glyphs that needs more tunning to be compatible.
Can this be done? Where do I star looking for info to code this?

Thanks in advance.

My latest Dell purchase has helped me see the light: I'm getting a Mac next

It's not even been a year, and my overpriced Dell Studio 15 is making funny noises. I'm tired of flimsy plastic, cheap keys, and bizarre errors, and seriously considering buying a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Does anyone own one and can share a bit about what they about the computer? Specifically, is anyone running Adobe CS5 apps on it? Can it handle them well?

Your input would be proverbially much appreciated.

Font Management for PC

I have been designing on macs since college and most of my design career.
I have recently started at a firm that uses both mac and pc for design and production. The worst thing about this is that they haven't heard of font management. I have used Font Explorer for mac without fail for all of my other jobs and having tried Extensis with bug after bug and crash after crash I was wondering if there were any experts or just experienced typophiles out there that have used anything better or more reliable than Extensis for the pc! If only there was a FontExplorer for pc!