I have an old font that I created a decade or so ago. It's an insane font created with paths that were created by an auto-trace. The glyphs have relatively insane numbers of the paths.

Over the years I have cleaned it up a little here & there resulting in a slowly shrinking file size and smoother performance. I've finally taken the tie to do a more thorough clean up of the font on on exporting the otf & ttf files from FontLab 5.1.4 for mac I noticed that the resulting files are significantly bigger that the last revision.

The newer version has 20% or so less paths & no other intentional changes, no new glyphs etc…. so this should not be the case.
I've gone through the font glyph by glyph to verify that it truly does have far fewer paths.

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Font height question

Hey a fontlab newbie question here.
I have opened two two fonts names frutiger and Gill sans in fontlab to see their construction(cap height and ascender height.
But i noticed something different. while the cap height of frutiger is around 1400, but the cap height of gill sans is only 680. What is the ideal sizes(from ascender to descender)? i heard it should not be more than 1000? and also what happens if it is more than 1000. I didn't see any problem with frutiger.


I am new to design and was wondering how to decide what size the body text should be when creating a book. Are there any methods or rules to work it out? Or is it just a matter of preference depending on the font?


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xMin, xMax, etc.

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering : since xMix, xMax, yMin, and yMax in the 'glyf' table define a bounding box for glyphs, I was wondering for what size is this bounding box given ?

Let's say, if a 2000*2000 bounding box is - for example - for a 100 pt "M", then I'd like to be able to get the bounding box for another size with a rule of three.

Thanks in advance for your help and your time !


Does anyone know how to set some parameters that restrict a font to specific sizes? In my case, I need the character to be no smaller than 12pt and no bigger than 72pt. I would like the character to change to another character for sizes smaller than 12pt or bigger than 72pt.

Is this sort of thing possible in FontLab 5 with the OpenType programming panel?


I have a whole bunch of bumper stickers to design, and I immediately thought of one thing that pisses me off: you're driving, and you want to read the bumper sticker on the car in front of you, but you can't because it's too small. You pull up behind them, you're as close as you could possibly be in traffic, but you still can't read it. So I want to avoid that with these stickers.

Any tips or thoughts about bumper sticker typography beyond the obvious "Make it big and clear"? It's an interesting thing to think about, because it's such a distracting environment for dealing with reading, and a lot of bumper stickers are a full sentence veering towards a full paragraph.

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