I'm looking for the attached "military stencil" type font. Naturally, I'd love to find this one, but I suspect there is a fair chance it is a single custom job. I've looked through several pages, but the "R" style seems pretty unique. Thanks again.

Hi guys. Help me out here...i need to know the parent typeface to this one and i need it asap. The 's' is especially hard to match. you can also check it out here: [URL removed by moderator due to unauthorized downloads of commercial fonts.]

I am trying to identify this font. It is supposedly from 1917. The double-serif tail on the number 5 and the tail on the Q are fairly unique, so it should be identifiable. So far I have had no luck finding out what font this is. Any help would be appreciated.

Certificate award to veterans of Dunkirk, 1940

Can anyone ID the typeface(s) in "America's NAVY - A Force for Good"?

Thank you!

i know its kinda a popular pixel font but i cant seem to find the right font.
i found it on military/discovery channels top ten and also this pic i made for the image search sites.

can anyone please help me get the right one.

I need help with the font style of the 37 on this guitar:

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