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PDF embedding

Kaiti SC

I am using Kaiti SC in InDesign. When I try to create a PDF or Package the finished product, I receive the error message saying the font could not be embedded due to licensing restrictions. The font is NOT restricted and can be embedded. I am using Mac with InDesign CS6. Any thoughts on a work around will be greatly appreciated as I have 78 pages of copy using this ttc. :(

What to do about fonts that won't embed in a PDF (Bembo)


I have owned Bembo for so long I forgot where I got it. It was probably from a CS suite or maybe something else from the distant past. I'm not sure.

Either way, I was exporting a document from InDesign CS5 to PDF. As it compiled the pages, it gave me an error saying that due to licensing restriction, Bembo could not be embedded in the document. I have never seen this error before.

Does anyone know how to handle this? Do I need to buy Bembo again? How do I know, if I buy it, the same thing won't happen again? Is this an InDesign export to PDF error?

Question about Chinese and Korean typography

From time to time i had to design documents that are tri lingual, or bi-lingual.
its almost always, spanish, english and another language, the last two were Chinese and Korean...

Usually i receive documents in word, with the text in chinese, and usually i don't have problems opening it. The trouble comes when i import or copy it in Indesign, because most of the times the font used by word is not the same that indesign uses for the same language.

I understand that in the mac there are some system fonts that are there to be used in this cases. For example, for the chinese document I used the MS Mincho, and after looking carefully I understood that the other two fonts (MS PGothic and MS PMincho) are like te times and helvetica versions of this font.