old style figures

Opentype: Programming oldstyle proportional figures


Me again,

Could someone please explain to me what is the way to program this Opentype feature? I've been searching for info about this but I cannot seem to find anything conclusive. I've been looking at the way some fonts implement this feature and it seems to differ one from another; some substitute entire classes while other just seem to substitute in a glyph by glyph fashion. What is the way to go?

Thanks a lot!

old style figures in mathish places


Does anybody know about how old style figures are used in technical areas that use a lot of symbolic notation like math, most sciences, linguistics, logic, chess books, etc., if at all? I've never seen them in a work of any such discipline, though that's not saying much. I don't seem to recall them in any of the textbooks I used for these subjects, but perhaps I wasn't typographically "aware" at the time.

Thanks in advance.

old style figures in titles


So everyone I look, it seems that if you're going to use old style figures at all in a work, then anywhere titling figures appear, it'd better be in an all caps environment. But if we're to really stick with the

old style figures : titling figures :: lowercase : upper case

analogy, wouldn't that mean the '7' in

Chapter 7

ought not to have that descender? After all, in words, it would be "Chapter Seven." (It actually makes me pause when I see "September 23, 2010" and all the numbers are text figures. That can't be good, right?) But then, following the rule strictly,

Chapter 11

ought to have two different styles for the two different '1's. !!! =(