VAG Rounded

(As always, I apologise as always if I posted this in the wrong forum but I don't have specific font sample to work with here.)

Hello Typophile,

I am always bashing Comic Sans, but I would really like to find and suggest a solid alternative to it. My bank (Lloyd's TSB) use their own variant of VAG Rounded for almost all of their body text which is friendly and easy-to-read. Two prerequisites for the perfect font family/typeface to recommend.

A key issue with standard VAG Rounded is it suffers from homoglyph with a only a slightly larger stem on the "i" and "j" glyphs to differentiate between them. Which was rectified in the Lloyd's TSB version. As you can see from their website.

Designing an identity system for a regional italian agency trading in Europe, we need a serif text font to complete and match VAG Rounded™ used in the logo, headlines, subtitles etc.
Following the (almost) final logo.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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