VAG Rounded

Looking a san-serif rounded font family with single story "a" and "g" glyphs in the spirit of VAG Rounded.


(As always, I apologise as always if I posted this in the wrong forum but I don't have specific font sample to work with here.)

Hello Typophile,

I am always bashing Comic Sans, but I would really like to find and suggest a solid alternative to it. My bank ([[|Lloyd's TSB]]) use their own variant of [[|VAG Rounded]] for almost all of their body text which is friendly and easy-to-read. Two prerequisites for the perfect font family/typeface to recommend.

A key issue with standard VAG Rounded is it suffers from homoglyph with a only a slightly larger stem on the "i" and "j" glyphs to differentiate between them. Which was rectified in the Lloyd's TSB version. As you can see from their website.