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New Release: Skolar Devanagari


Skolar Devanagari - A typeface for complex typography

Skolar Devanagari, the latest addition to the Skolar family, is a collaboratiion of David Březina and Vaibhav Singh. It has been designed as a companion to the Latin keeping the nuances and characteristics of the Devanagari script foremost while providing a complementary design for multi-script typography. Primarily intended as a robust, energetic text typeface, Skolar Devanagari addresses the needs of serious typography. At the same time it furnishes the designer with the hallmark versatility of the family in display sizes.

Rosetta Type Foundry announcement


Rosetta Type Foundry announced (Press release)
Strong focus on multi-script typography

Brno, Czech Republic (February 2011) The new independent type foundry Rosetta released its website (www.rosettatype.com) and online store on January 2011. The foundry intends to provide typefaces for new and rapidly growing markets that require special language support for particular orthographies, languages and writing systems.

Rosetta was created by David Březina and the prolific duo responsible for the successful foundry TypeTogether (www.type-together.com), Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. The three Co-Founders are graduates of the University of Reading, which has a long standing tradition of research in non-latin typography.

Skolar and support Webfont


This is my first post on this forum. I am making a blog for a client who happens to be a Product manager at a large social network company. The blog would be more Daring Fireball style with occasional posts in the long form and many links from the interwebs. In both these format the common point would be the highly insightful yet opinionated commentary.
I have decided to go with Skolar as the primary text for body text. Can you guys suggest a secondary font that you know goes well with Skolar. I tried looking around but could not find great examples with other font combinations.
The other combination that might work is the FF Meta and FF Meta Serif but I would like to use that as the last resort.

David Brezina

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Czech type designer and typographer, writer, lecturer, the impresario of TypeTalks, and partner at Rosetta Type Foundry. He got Masters degrees in Informatics (Masaryk University, Brno) and Typeface Design (University of Reading, UK). From 2004 to 2007 he also ran his own design studio, with projects in graphic, web, and interface design. He has been working as an associate with Tiro Typeworks and giving various type workshops around Europe.