I'm working on a hairline typeface right now, something similar to Marian -- -- and I'm wondering if there's some Python snippet or something out there that allows you to preview your path without expanding it.

didot is so close to this but no cigar. its not any type of bodoni I've found or walbaum. any thoughts?

Any recognizes this wonderful typeface?


Hello everybody, i'm a graphic designer and illustrator from Italy. It's my first post here, I hope this is the right section for this request...

I'm looking for a font made like this, without any success.

Obviously the flickering line is only due to my sketching, it should be precise and geometric instead, with monoweighted line, vertical proportions and straight vertical lines. Somewhere between DIN, Vitesse, Stratum, Isonorm and Geogrotesque... these at least are the most similar ones i found in these months. Lower case and different weights are welcome.
I could draw it by myself, but i would take too long for a decent result, so I ask if there are similar fonts, I think i saw it somewhere but can't find it now.

Any advice?

Thanks :)


Anyone have an ID for this? It looks like an über display version of Didot but I haven't been able to find a match.

On a side note, can anyone direct me to a list of other good hairline display type like this?


I feel like I have been seeing this style applied a lot recently. Is this just a mix of two weights...if so, what's the type?



Hello, I am happy to finally announce the release of my new typeface!

Rukou -- a geometric-script typeface influenced by schoolhand
More info and buy

Hello everyone,
I've been working on a font for a while and I want to take it into a development program to become functional.
However, I want the shapes to be as refined as possible before offering it to the world.

Please be critical, I am taking all comments into consideration.

If you'd like a closer view of a letter or letters please ask and I can attach additional files for critiquing.

Thank you

Hey all,

I've seen this somewhere here before, but I don't think it resolved. Anyone know if a hairline version of Gill Sans has ever been digitized?

There's a poster that Deitch Project did a few years ago to promote a show called "The Studio of the Street" which had a photo of Jean Michel Basquiat. (See it here.) It featured a beautiful sans that appeared to indeed be Gill Sans Hairline, but I've found no digitized version of this anywhere.

Anybody know of such a thing?

Thanks all...!

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